Sex tourism in Madagascar

Madagascar must stop sex tourism and child prostitution

In Nosy Be - one of the most tourist area in Madagascar-  a lot of men go in search of sex and sometimes love. One could easily give it the dreary name of sexual tourism taking place in one of the poorest countries in the world: on one side misery and need, on the other money and presents which will fulfill the desire of an exotic adventure .
Nosy Be, especially Ambatuluka is exactly a brothel village and 60% of sex tourism is committed by the French"

Mixed couples are quite common: there are some part-time marriages: she lives in Madagascar and he lives and works in Europe, every three or four months he joins his Malgasy family; who knows if he has another wife in Europe? And then, there are the distant girlfriends (or lovers): the European man goes back to Nosy Be every year for his holiday and there's a girl waiting for him; more frequently, however, the situation is given by the vacationers looking for girls who could give them a sexual company during their vacation. It costs arround € 15.00 euros per night. I heared that the child sex tourism problem exists in other cities, like Tamatave, and Diego Suarez, as well as the capital city of Antananarivo; Often the family encourages (justified by poverty) girls into prostitution. Unicef estimates that 30/50% of the prostituites in Madagascar are under the age of 18. Infact in Ambatuluka I often saw children with olders and it is really something disgusting. Madagascar has so many resorces which can be devoloped without necessarily resorting to sex tourism.

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