Saturday, 4 June 2016

Civita di Bagnoregio

Magical Dying Town: Civita di Bagnoregio

We have discovered Civita by a chance when having our vacation in Capodimonte at our friend's (Mauro Ribichini) holiday house. While trying to find a restaurant where having dinner, we found ourselves talking to some boys sitting on the bench next to us. They also advised us to visit Civita before leaving to back Modena.
The following day in fact we did as they said. Civita was just some km far from Capodimonte, around 8 maybe. At the first glance, it looked like an old fort with a long stairway that leads to it. This ancient city was accessible only by the long walkway. There was a parking lot where we had to leave our vehicle before accessing the entrance. The daily cost was €5.00. Just make sure you have enough coins for the parking meter, because there is nothing around to change the money. We didn't have enough coins with us, and some German tourists helped us out to solve the problem. There is also a small parking area near the ticket office but not all were allowed to park there, could be only for wheelchair access ones. The entrance fee to Civita, was just 1.50 euros nothing if you think of what you are going to see. Civita was a kind of island on land, no words to express how wonderful it was! Once at the city wall we entered the most magical place, it was like stepping in time. We spent few hours wondering around the town, there were more restaurants and shops than we expected.
It had a dramatic history; the bridge was built to connect the land masses that crumbled in earthquakes 300 years ago. This town was known as a dying city because of its geografic position, situated in a canyon with constant wind and erosion. The scenery was fabulous and the panoramic view from there was breathtalking. The view from the back side of the town was awesome. There weren't many people and most of the tourists were foreigners.
It seemed so strange to us. Why there were no Italians? The walk up to the old town was well worth the trip. Probably we should have stayed there one night to get the full charm of this wonderful place. Don't forget to include Civita di Bagnoregio in your visit to Italy specially if you are upto Rome, Viterbo or Orvieto. It is truely a masterpiece of nature.

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