Lamin Lodge, The Gambia

Have you ever thought about travelling to The Gambia? Most of the people I know don't even know where The Gambia is! It is in the west cost of Africa. Anyway one of the tourist attractions which is advised to be seen in the country is Lamin Lodge. 
It is a Gambian standard restaurant and bar in the Lamin village on the side of the river Gambia. Nothing seems to be strange yet  right? While residing in tourist areas you need a taxi to reach this place, because busses run only until the main street of Lamin village. From where there are 4 or 5 km of unpaved road which is in a very bad condition so self-drivers should be careful, especially during the rainy season. If case you travel with taxi, negotiate clearly earlier with the driver in order to avoid misunderstandings later. They are always in a hurry, and in case you stay more hours than what you have previously said to the drivers, they will charge more money. While travelling by bus, get down at the Lamin main Street and walk down to the lodge.
Indications along the way are well located so you can't get lost. This option is not only cheap but also while walking you can experience the village life in the Lamin area. Keep some pencils with you for the children to give. Another way to reach in there is by boat. I have never tried it so cannot give more details. Taxi driver will drop you just in front of the bridge which takes to the Lamin Lodge. Here at the entrance there are some locals who try to sell you tourist trips around the area. They have nothing to do with the Lamin Lodge but they are quite informative: the guide explained us the use of the oyster shells in The Gambia and how they render them down to use in buildings. The boat trip offered by them seemed to me cheaper than the one at the Lamin Lodge. Anyways before promising to them you better compare the prices with the Lamin Lodge lady.
The one or two hours boat trips are worth specially if you have never done one before. Lamin lodge is a rustic building frequented by monkeys, they walk on chairs and tables, eating the food of the ones who have already left. Once the waiter brings the order to your table, you will be surrounded by monkeys. You must defend yourself by using a stick provided by the restaurant upon arrival. They like cool drinks very much so they steal it and drink it in front of you. At the first sight it seemed to me happening casually, but later when I went to the first floor seeking the lady I saw her feeding the monkeys in the kitchen. So probably it's a way to attract tourists. People raved for this place, yes it was something different but I wasn't that much impressed and also you cannot enjoy the meal while holding the sticks to scare off the monkeys. In any moment it can come close to you and steal your food and not only. In fact we ordered food but we couldn't eat properly because the monkeys were everywhere around us trying to come close even if we had our sticks ready to be used. We just had drinks. One of the monkey tried to steal our sprite bottle but it was almost empty so the monkey left it on the table and stolen the one from the nect table. Keep an eye on your handbag or cameras, they will take them away and you will never get them back again. Anyway we saw people enjoying this atmosphere and if you like bird watching then it is a right place for you.

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  1. Ooh I also wanna go there! It looks so green and these monkey's must be a lot of fun ;-) Nice blog! :D

  2. Nice post! Gambia is definitely on my to travel list, thanks for posting!

  3. Awawaw the funny monkeys!! Those little bastards..
    I've never been there but Gambia looks very beautiful!

    x, Anna


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