Thursday, 29 June 2017

Forget the 5 star Accommodation and Try the Million Star Experience.

I always search for something different in every travel I plan. That something which could last forever in my life. Then here comes my stay in Lompoul village, in fact while planning my visit to the Lompoul desert I thought about sleeping in a tent at the starting point of the desert. The guys of the Hotel Camp du Dèsert, came to pick us up at the main road with their old red truck. Of course you need a 4 wheel drive to reach the place. The road was sandy and full of dunes. Sleeping here inside has been a memorable experience; we couldn't stop wondering the landscape especially after the sunset. (It was a full moon night). Anyway we do not recommend it for more than a night because we are not more used to the absence of some important basic services. The prices seemed to me higher than other hotels around. In my opinion, an eco-structure can't absolutely have such a high price; the absence of basic commodities, such as water (they gave us a can of 50 liters) and toilet (very rustic) would have been justified by a cheaper price.  There were insects everywhere. Even though worth a try: the full moon, the million an millions of stars in the sky and the dunes of the dessert will make it absolutely unforgettable. Forget the 5 star Accommodation and Try the Million Star Experience.

It's All About The Top Five things you can't miss in Modena

Here it is, let me finally write something about Modena. Most of the people don't think about it as a touristic place to be visited but it is a big mistake. This tiny city can offer really a lot, specially when it comes to food it is  absolutely unbeatable. Here are my top five things to do in Modena. You can't miss them out.

  1. The cathedral in the city center, located in the middle of the Piazza Grande. It is fascinating inside and wonderful outside. Remember that as usual in most of the cities in Italy, il it closed during the lunch time. The entrance to the church is free while you pay € 3.00 for the tower (ghirlandina). Even if you are not directly headed to Modena, a stopover while driving from Bologna to Milan is really worth. 
  2. My second favorite goes for the Salse di Nirano. Such an unusual place! It is a real geological wonder made of cold mud volcanos. You can easily arrive at the bottom of the national park and walk up until you reach close to the volcanos. Believe me it is a must when you are around.
  3. Modena is known as a Modor Valley: You can visit so many museums here. What you can learn here about motors has nothing compared to the information you get out of the city. This year specially came to my attention the Panini private collection (HOMBRE). Mr. Umberto Panini, has bought the whole maserati collection during it's time of crisis in order to keep the collection inside the country. Remain to be seen also the abandoned Bugatti factory. Not only for the style within it has been builded but also for its history.
  4. How many of you know that Modena is a mother land for the world famous Parmisan cheese and Balsamic Vinegar? Those both things can be bought for a very cheap price here. Yep, while I was in Milan I saw some inaccessible prices. The 30 months old Parmisan costs not more than € 15.00. So you food lovers, how can you leave the country without tasting the original one? It's said that the best Parmisan comes from San Dalmazio. 
  5. As I already told you first, when it comes to food they are unbeatable. My advice goes for Trattoria Ermes in Via Ganaceto. It is the oldest one in the city. He doesn't accept reservations so queuing is the only solution. Sometimes you have to wait two hours before getting a seat. Waiting is absolutely worth. What I have to underline is due to his health conditions he will be closed until September 2017. Meanwhile there are so many other options in the city, like Aldina, Taverna dei Servi and Il Fantino. In case you want to buy some food items visit the Albinelli Market which is open from Monday to Saturday in the morning only. It's a century old market selling local produces and products.
These are my must suggestions for the the city. I really hope it could  help the ones visiting the area. There are much more of course, so don't wait to explore them by yourself.

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Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Turn your marijuana plantation tour in jinack island Into Success

Jinack Island (also spelt Jinak or Ginak)

Gambia is known for relax. Most of the people choose this destination only for this reason.  Am I right? While having our holiday in Hotel Senegambia, one day we decided to visit Jinack Island, just to do something different out of pool, beach, food, drinks and parties. That was our first Gambian out door experience so we decided to go by green taxi. I’m always for doing things by myself, but this time we had no idea of how reaching the place otherwise. While staying in the Senegambia area you have no choice if not the green taxi which is a real mafia against tourists.

Green taxies are only for non-Gambian visitors and they have fixed prices. At the taxi stand, you can see the prices for each touristic destination. We bartered the price with the controller and got it done for 6000 Dalasi. (Around € 100.00). Even if the prices of the green taxies are fixed, you can try to make it done for less especially during the day when it is slow. Only later I realized that the green taxi was the only option we had for a day trip to Jinack Island. We travelled until Banjul with our driver. He left the car somewhere close to the ferry station and from there we catched the ferry to Barra. Our driver helped us with queueing and ticketing. Once in Barra, we had to rent a 4 wheel drive until the Island for extra money. We couldn't avoid this expence because the area was a kind of lagoon so the normal taxi wouldn't have been able to reach the destination.
Other thing that we did in Barra was buying some candies for the children of the Jinack village. In fact they were so used to receive them that we couldn’t go there without. When we arrived close to the Island we had to cross the creek, by canoa which finally took us to the village where the marijuana plantations were. It was not really an Island but just a long stretch of sandy beach separated from the mainland by a creek. Lots of kids greeted us upon arrival and we went on distributing the candies to them until it got finished. Seeing so many marijuana plants like that was unbelievable. There was marijuana everywhere!!! So funny it was! Some of us tried to smoke it and went on laughing along the whole way back! I really didn't understand the reason why it is allowed to grow marijuana there! They said that it was legal there only and it was not allowed taking it out from the Jinack Island. Then remember though that it is for the villagers’ use only!!! I didn't believe that story!!! How could it be possible? They haverest tonnes of marijuana and even if all the people of the village smoke it from morning to night everyday, they can't finish it all! Remain to be seen what is really happening there! Anyways, I recommend a visit, it is not that much usual walking between the ganja fields; not only for this, it is a peaceful place with peaceful people, untouched from the hassle of the world.

Saturday, 24 June 2017

Taj Mahal: Did Shah Jahan was really as romantic as we think!?

Do you know what took me to Taj Mahal? The meaning I gave to love took me there! Yes that was the only reason!  For such a romantic person like me being in front on that monument was something unbelievable! I still remember the sentence I have pronounced when I finally saw it: Oh my God someone made it for love! Yep, probably most of you have never heard about Taj Mahal, it is one of the Seven Wonders of the World which represents love. At the ticket office there were two queues, one for Indian nationalities and one for foreign nationalities. Of course the fees were different; Indians pay around two euros while the rest pay around twelve. I paid my €12.00 and it was fine for me because queueing with all those Indians meant a great deal of time. They never wait patiently for their turn and they push and pull each other in order to take the lead. I saw locals arranging a short cut to buy tickets for foreigners for about 250 Rs a person through the south entrance. It could be Worth, you can really save up to an hour because most of the times Taj Mahal is crowded so the line is very long. There are no entry fees for children under 15. Until that moment I have heard only the romantic part of its story but that day I learnt that it was not only the symbol of eternal love of an emperor for his favorite queen. There was much more beyond! While I was walking around and watching it standing majescally on the banks of river Yamuna, I couldn’t' stop thinking about the cruelty of its history. It was commissioned in 1632 by the Mughal emperor, Shah Jahan (reigned 1628–1658), to house the tomb of his favorite wife, Mumtaz Mahal, a Persian princess who died giving birth to their 14th child at the age of 38. Soon after the Taj Mahal's completion, Shah Jahan was deposed by one of his own son who put him under house arrest at nearby Agra Fort from where he could see Taj Mahal! It is said that he cried every single day before dying. Upon Shah Jahan's death, his son buried him in the mausoleum next to his wife. The tombs are the central focus of the entire complex of the Taj Mahal and they are located in one of the few accessible area of this building. The Taj Mahal is a fine example of how to plan and then successfully apply symmetry into the proceedings. In fact every inch of Taj Mahal is a breathing example of it, except the tomb of Shah Jahan himself, which is an afterthought. I came to know that those who involved in construction have been mutilated upon Shah Jahan’s order because he wanted the structure to be unique, non-replicable! It is also heard that to prevent the craftsmen to witness any other beautiful object than Taj Mahal, Shah Jahan ordered to take their eyes out of their sockets. Could it be true? Then where is the romanticism in this place? Anyway there are no historic writings that mention any such thing happening, so probably it could be a myth. There are so many stories about Taj Mahal and among all those, one of the popular is that it has been constructed under the supervision of an Italian Architect, Geronimo Veroneo. Until now nobody have been able to prove it. I was pleasantly surprised to see that Taj Mahal was very clean outside with shiny marbles. When I tried to poke into the locked rooms through the windows I saw plenty of filth inside. I understood that they keep clean only the area which has access to public. Thousands and thousands of tourist are visiting this place daily and I wondered myself if they don’t have enough income to keep it tidy. In any case worth a visit! The  impression is WOW, what a monument!!! What a history!!! Remember that a good 3 hours will do! It is closed on Friday.

Thursday, 22 June 2017

Backstage concerto Vasco Rossi Modena

Tutti noi sappiamo cosa significa partecipare ad un concerto, ma cosa comporta l'organizzazione di un evento del genere in città?  L'assistenza e la sicurezza non sono le uniche necessità che la città di Modena si è trovata ad affrontare. Vasco Rossi ha iniziato le prove sul palco di Parco Ferrari ancora in costruzione e ovviamente oltre ai fans anche i curiosi non mancano. I quotidiani locali non fanno altro che parlare di questo evento, ogni giorno c'è una novità! Vediamo ora come si sta preparando la città di Modena per accogliere i 220.000 fans che il primo luglio 2017 arriveranno per assistere al mega concertone della famosa Rock star italiana.
  1. Sono stati posizionati ben 14 cartelli MODENA PARK per consigliare percorsi alternativi in modo da diluire il traffico. Ognuno di essi ha un percorso diverso. 
  2. Il casello di Modena nord dal 30 giugno al 01 luglio 2017, verrà chiuso in entrata, potrà essere utilizzato in uscita solo da coloro che provengono da nord. Quelli che arrivano invece da sud dovranno uscire al casello di Modena sud.
  3. Sono previsti treni speciali sia in entrata che in uscita. Dalla stazione FS sono esattamente km 2.5 per arrivare a Modena Park, più o meno 40 minuti a piedi.
  4. Sarà attivato il servizio di info-mobilità che darà in tempo reale tutti gli aggiornamenti sul traffico in città.
  5. Già da adesso, durante le prove, alcune strade adiacenti sono chiuse al traffico. Nemmeno i pedoni possono circolare lungo la viale Italia.
  6. Una città così piccola è normale che non possa ospitare 220.000 persone. Quindi i giardini di alcuni modenesi sono stati messi a disposizione per le tende. Iscrivendosi al sito,
    Potrebbe interessarti:
    Seguici su Facebook:
     è possibile offrire o comprare posteggi. Attenzione agli affitti in nero perché sono già iniziati i controlli a tappeto. (Airb&
  7. Nelle giornate dal 29 giugno al 02 luglio compresi verrà sospeso il servizio di prenotazioni del servizio radio taxi. Saranno invece potenziate le richieste al momento.
  8. Verrà predisposta per l'occasione un parcheggio per le biciclette nella zone pizza Novi Sad.
  9. Sabato 01 luglio 2017, non circoleranno gli autobus.
  10. Non mancheranno i parcheggi per i disabili.
  11. Valutando l'affluenza di così tante persone in città, già a partire dal 29 giugno, il comune ha deciso di derogare gli orari di apertura di tutti gli esercizi che somministrano cibo e bevande. Potranno infatti rimanere aperti ventiquattro ore su ventiquattro. 
  12. Considerando la difficoltà di viabilità, le piscine Dogali e Pergolesi, rimarranno chiuse nella giornata del primo luglio.
  13. Saranno numerosi i bagni chimici distribuiti nell'area del parco Ferrari.
  14. In tutto ciò continua ancora la lotta contro il bagarinaggio: pare che i biglietti vengano addirittura venduti a €3000.00. Il servizio delle Iene sembra proprio che non sia servito a niente.
  15. Presso il Foro Boario, è stata allestita una mostra che ripercorre  la carriera di Vasco. La mostra sarà aperta al pubblico fino al 03 luglio 2017.
  16. Verranno allestiti alcuni maxi schermi nelle piazze più importanti della città.
  17. Il Modena park sarà raggiungibile solo a piedi. Sono stati predisposti alcuni parcheggi auto al costo di €10.00.
  18. Sono state potenziate le linee di comunicazione per le reti cellulari.
  19. Non mancheranno di certo i bidoni per la spazzatura. Si richiede ai fans il massimo rispetto per l'ambiente.
  20. Le prove ufficiali sono fissate per le ore 21 del giorno 29 giugno 2017, alle quali, erano stati invitati (previa iscrizione) 500 residenti/domiciliati nella zona verde al sound check. I biglietti invito sono stati scaricati in meno di venti minuti.
  21. L'arrivo del cantante è previsto in elicottero.
In questo momento il mio pensiero va sicuramente agli operai che ormai da venti giorni lavorano sotto questo caldo scottante di Modena per terminare uno dei palchi mai costruiti in Europa! Ebbene si, abbiamo raggiunto i 40°centigradi. Detto ciò, se sei modenese e non pensi di andare al concerto, non ti resta che rimanere chiuso in casa.  Anzi a dire la verità ci sarebbe un'altra alternativa. Perché non approfittare per organizzare una bella vacanza fuori città? Ricordati di fare il rifornimento alla macchina perché potresti rimanere sorpreso in quanto è previsto l'arrivo di ben 60.000 macchine che prima o poi faranno la benzina! 

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Plannig a trip to Sri Lanka? Then this is a place for you!

Need any help or suggestion for your trip to Sri Lanka? Then leave your inqueries in the comment box here. I have been there several times, solo and in a group, so if I can clear out your doubts, I'll be glad to help you. Catch you asap.

Monday, 19 June 2017

Want To Step Up Your things to know before flying with ryanair? You Need To Read This First!

We all already know about Ryanair: it is Europe’s leading low cost airline and it offers extremely cheap tickets to travel around the European cities, for this reason it has become quickly famous and nowadays it is the most successful low-cost airline in Europe. On the other side it is also famous for its extra fees, in fact they charge for everything imaginable, but, if you pay attention while buying the ticket then it won't be a hard nut to chew, you can easily avoid all these expenses and fly really cheap. Until now the seats were assigned free of charge by the company during the check in online procedures when it is done five days before departure; you could get priority boarding only upon payment! It has never been a big issue since groups and couples could sit closer during their flight time because Ryanair took care on letting them flying together without additional fees when the check in is done together. This has changed now!!! Ryanair wants to increase its revenue! What happening now is groups and couples are having separated seats. While checking in for our flight to Brussels we realized that the randomly allocated seats they have given us were over 27 rows apart: one in the 5th row and the other one in the 32nd row! It was not fair Mr. Ryanair, especially considering there was plenty of empty seats still available, and in fact after boarding we noticed that seats at either side of us were both available! A lady sitting close to me was travelling with her family, husband and two daughters, all of them had seats located in different parts of the air craft. This doesn't want to be a complaint because I have flown with them more than ten times and never had a single problem, I'll for sure fly with them also in the future a million times! It is just to give an additional information to the travelers, specially to the group tourists that they cannot fly chatting with each other any more. This way of flying could be a possibility to meet new people...

Saturday, 17 June 2017

It happens only in Varanasi: Life In Ganges

My two days in Varanasi

The city, known among Indians as Banaras or Kasi, is famous for the riverbanks, called ghat, of the river Ganges, in fact the geography of this place is calculated by the nearest ghat. You can easily reach Varanasi from any part of India by train or by bus. From time immemorial it has been the holy river of Hinduism and what you can see here is for sure one of the extreme view that is a must once in a lifetime! Hindus believe that rituals performed by the river Ganga multiply in their blessedness and it is also strongly believed that those who die around this river reach the heavenly abode with all their sins washed away.
The cremation of the dead body at the riverbanks of Ganges or even casting the ashes of the deceased in its water is thought auspicious and leads to the salvation of the departed. In India, as you already know, they have a caste system, and for this reason the banks of the river Ganges is also divided according to this system means that the "higher" ones should stay separately from the "lower" ones. I stayed in a hotel in Assi Ghat. Sadly nowadays it became a place where tourism is a main moneymaking activity on this river so at every single step vendors and children expects something from you. Avoid them!!!
The boat visit is advised to be done early in the morning, at least by 5 am when the sun rises, and then the believers start with their bath and prayers. I did as they told me, while navigating across the river, I felt myself impressed seeing how a country, so nearby from the rest of the world can be so excruciatingly different. While sailing, we saw people praying, bathing( to clean up the soul), doing laundries, fishing, youngsters having fun and children playing by the riverbanks, and much more! Plenty of people who start their life so early in the morning! The strangest thing I have noticed there was a floating dead body. Our guide told us there are some categories that don't need to be burned after dead because their soul is considered already pure:
1.    The Holy men: Sathu
2.    Leprous
3.    Babies under two
4.    The once bitten by snake
5.    Pregnant ladies
They are not buried as we can think but are taken to the middle of the Ganges or another sacred river and dropped to the river bottom with a weighed stone. So now you can just imagine my face when I saw all those people so close to that floating dead body.
It was unbelievable!!! Not only dead bodies but there are so many things like lanterns, flowers, cloths and other unidentifiable objects floating on the river. You should really be careful because we don't have antibodies to defend ourselves from that situation. The scenery  is like when the eyes fills up faster than it empties and the pressure inside the eyes builds up that you suddenly don't understand of what is happening around you. In the evening we had a walk along the ghats which brought us to one of the main burning ghat where the cremations ceremonies take place. They said it goes on 24 hours a day. Often they burn more bodies at a time. I recommend you to use dresses that you don't need anymore, that you can leave in Varanasi itself once finished all the trips, because the smell of the burning bodies will last for long and you will be never be able to wear them again. Other interesting thing to be done by the Ganges is the amazing sunset boat trip to see the evening Pooja, Ganga Aarthi, from the boat. Ganga Aarthi is performed daily in the evening at 6.30 pm by a group of Brahmins monks wearing same cloths at the Dashashwamedh ghat.
It is performed by the brass lamps which accompanied with the mantras in the presence of the huge crowd. Devotees start coming to the Ganga Aarthi at least one hour before. Tourists can take their places at the boat in the water to see the Aarthi event very clearly. Vendors going around the boats will try to sell you some lanterns which can be left floating on the river.  Prepare your cameras because here you can really take good snaps. If you like taking photos stay two days in Varanasi and don't forget to assist the Ganga Aarthi by the riverbank side also. If you want to walk into this part of Varanasi, it is wise to get a local guide. It is very dirty, smoky, crowded and seemed not completely safe in the labyrinth of narrow alleys. There are rats, street dogs, beggars and cats everywhere. A guide will steer you clear of all that and find the hidden gems for you. Of course he will take you to a saree shop where he has a commission on sales but you are not obliged to buy. I couldn’t resist! I bought one black silk saree for € 100.00. This is it!!! This has been one of the extreme thing I have ever seen and it is a must once in a lifetime experience!

Monday, 12 June 2017

Top Five Tips For Bruges that can Help You Out to Organize Your Trip Better

Here is my collection of suggestions for getting the best out of your time in Bruges.

  1. Flibco busses are running regularly from Bruxelles Charleroi airport to the bus terminal of Bruges. You can easily buy the tickets at the right corner of the airport itself for 21 euros per person. While purchasing it online you spend 17 euros per person so you save up to 4 euros. In case you didn't buy them already before departure, you can do it upon your arrival in Bruxelles, connecting your mobile to the free wifi offered by the airport.
  2. When you reach Bruges, the bus will leave you on the back side of the terminal. There is no need of taxi from there, you just have to cross the terminal to get to the main entrance. From there it takes about 10 minutes walk to reach the old city center.
  3. Remember that all the activities close at 5pm. And most of them close also for lunch break from 12.30 to 2.30 pm. So in case you want to visit something you better organize  yourself. 
  4. Avoid visiting the Holy Blood Church during the mass. They just allow you to stay close to the main entrance so you can see nothing.
  5. The chocolate shop in Walstraat 1 seems to be the best one in the city. Worth tasting it.

Wednesday, 7 June 2017

The most spectacular in Singapore: Marina Bay Sky Park

We all know about Singapore, it is a surreal nation where cultures and modernity walk together so as to create such a scheming country. Here is the latest novelty: Marina bay Sands with its majestic sky park. Ultimate luxury and breathtaking views which makes you feel beetween the earth and the sky. The pool is an obvious attraction for this hotel and it is indeed an exprience. To be honest I decided to stay in Marina Bay Sands Hotel just for the infinity pool since it was accessible for the hotel guests only. Although the rooms were very spacious,  with fantastic views (mine had an amazing view of the botanic gardens), the interiors had nothing special, just like other five star hotels. In any case I can say that nothing was disappointing with the price I had paid, (€430.00/night without breakfast). The sky park is now the landmark of Singapore. I highly recommend at least one night with Marina Bay Sands mainly because of the pool. Make sure you are there for the sunset. No words to explain the scenery!!! If you are in Singapore, A Stay In Marina Bay Sands Is A Must.

Sunday, 4 June 2017

Adam's Peak

Adam's Peak on Full Moon days

Are you planning a
trip to Adam's Peak? Worth the hike people say!!! Our experience to Sri Pada could be interesting for all of you guys. What an insane ride we had! While programing this journey in february we forgot a small but important detail which could compromise the trip: the influence of the full moon. Let me tell you better: we were coming from Haputale and we were up to the Hotel in Nallathanniya: Grand Adams Peak, which was just 100 m from the Adam's Peak starting point. Our plan was arriving to the hotel, having a good meal and starting the ascend around 2 am in order to reach the peak around 5 am to catch the early morning sunrise. All these plans have been sorely compromised due to the full moon. Yes, seems that Buddhists all over the world have a high regard for full moon days and as Adam’s Peak is a holy place, most of them climb the mountain on full moon days. In fact just after the Maskeliya Junction we had to slow down our vehicle be cause of the huge queue of pilgrims’ cars headed to Sri Pada. It was around six in the evening and was already getting dark. We waited in the hope that sooner or later the road could get clear. But for hours nothing happened, we didn’t move from that certain point. Behind us there were so many cars queuing and minutes after minutes, the line was getting longer and longer. The pilgrims who probably used to this situation already, were waiting without any exasperation: some of them came out of their vehicle chatting with each others and some others playing and singing songs in the middle of the main road. Vendors were going around selling food and tea, a man came to us asking even for a foot massage and so on. Because of all these we realized that it was an ordinary scenery for them, they were well equipped to take advantage of the circumstances to do some business in order to earn money.  Nothing doing! With a heavy heart we had to turn around our car to find a hotel somewhere closer to Maskelia. We could only see Adams's Peak from far, just like in my photo here . So you better check your calender to avoid climbing on full moon (poya) days.

Friday, 2 June 2017

Modena E Motor Valley

Viaggio in Spider

Cosa fareste con un'auto spider a vostra disposizione? Probabilmente pensereste ad una gita col vento tra i capelli sul lago di Garda, a Montecarlo o lungo la costiera Amalfitana. Grazie all'associazione "Viaggio in spider" abbiamo invece scoperto che esistono altri luoghi che anche se sono meno conosciuti, sono comunque perfetti per questo stile di viaggio.
Dopo un primo incontro con questo gruppo in occasione del "Legend Tour", che ripercorreva le strade della zona di Brescia battute ogni anno dalla famosa "Millemiglia", abbiamo deciso di seguirli anche in una delle manifestazioni successive che si è svolta nel territorio Modenese proprio vicino a casa nostra. Il tour "Motor Valley in Spider" è cominciato in perfetto stile modenese sin dal primo mattino con ritrovo presso la tigelleria Dispensa Emilia, dove ci è stata offerta la colazione ed uno spuntino a base di gnocco fritto e prosciutto per poi dirigerci verso la prima tappa ufficiale, il Museo Enzo Ferrari di Modena. Il corteo composto da più di 40 automobili  ha raggiunto il museo scortato dalle forze dell'ordine, l'organizzatore Riccardo ci ha dato alcune spiegazioni sul luogo e sulla storia del mito; i partecipanti hanno poi potuto visitare liberamente le mostre suddivise in due aree museali: il nuovo comparto e la casa natale di Enzo Ferrari. La seconda tappa del tour non poteva che essere Maranello, meta obbligatoria per tutti gli appassionati. Lungo le vie del paese, il colore predominante è il rosso e in ogni angolo si respira l'aria del mito. Dopo aver fatto un giro attorno alla fabbrica, con le nostre auto ci siamo fermati davanti alla famosa Galleria del vento; qui l'architetto Giuseppe dello studio Archilinea, che collabora strettamente con la casa automobilistica, ci ha fornito alcune interessanti nozioni sul comparto produttivo e sull'organizzazione dell'azienda. Una volta ripartiti, sono bastati pochi chilometri per trovarci immersi in un paesaggio del tutto differente e forse inaspettato per chi non è del luogo; lungo le strade dei colli modenesi si susseguono  campi ricoperti da vitigni e piccoli borghi fino al raggiungimento del luogo in cui abbiamo pranzato, Il castello di Spezzano. Parcheggiate le auto nella corte del castello, ci siamo accomodati all’interno dell’ex chiesa dove il personale dell’Osteria del Garò aveva preparato le tavolate per il pranzo. Il tour è proseguito per Castelvetro, borgo di origine medioevale dove abbiamo visitato l’acetaia comunale e la mostra di abiti rinascimentali “Fili d’Oro”. Rimesse in moto le auto siamo scesi verso la pianura per raggiungere l’azienda agricola “Hombre”, fondata dal celebre Umberto Panini noto per le figurine. Oltre ad essere un’azienda Leader nella produzione e nell’esportazione mondiale di Parmigiano Reggiano, questo luogo nasconde un’ulteriore tesoro, ovvero, una delle più ricercate e prestigiose collezioni di Automobili Maserati.  Una volta conclusa la visita, ci siamo mossi verso l’ultima  e attesissima tappa del nostro tour giornaliero, l’Autodromo di Modena. Il nuovo circuito automobilistico, sede di manifestazioni motoristiche e di test per i celebri marchi della Motor Valley, non poteva che essere la migliore cornice per salutare i nostri compagni di viaggio, ma non prima di aver fatto sfilare le nostre auto, rigorosamente scoperte, tra i cordoli. A conclusione di questa giornata, non possiamo che riconfermare ciò che ci ha spinto ad unirci a questo gruppo. "Viaggio in spider" si pone l'obiettivo di far conoscere i luoghi degli eventi dal punto di vista paesaggistico, culturale e gastronomico, ma soprattutto di creare una buona convivialità tra i partecipanti. Questi tour sono adatti a tutte le età e a tutte le tasche.
P.S. Appena ho un attimo di tempo carico anche il video.


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