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Monday, 28 August 2017

Most wanted for Iseo

How many of you have been to Iseo? And how many of you have been going around wondering for food after 2pm? Almost all of us know about Iseo now ad it has become more popular after the floating piers of Christo. It is now used to be touristy not only in the summer but plenty and plenty of tourists are visiting this lovely place along the whole year. Even though all the restaurants here are close from 2.30 pm to 7 pm. It is a real pity because most of the people are used to take it easy during the vacation and wake up later than usual. When they finally come out for lunch it is already late because they find everything closed. Here comes my suggestion for Iseo: the only one restaurant which is open non stop from 11.30 am to 10.30 pm is called Il Bruco. Their kitchen works continuously. It is a lake front restaurant which offers good food and pizzas for reasonable price. We spent € 53.00 for a dish of starter, two plates of pasta, water and two glasses of digestive bitter. Don't waste your time for wondering around as we did, just go to Il Bruco directly if it is almost 3 pm.

Monday, 21 August 2017

Don't miss out the dining experience at Prunara Farmstay

"Agriturismo Prunara"

We came to know about Agruturismo Prunara casually while planning our visit to Rochetta Mattei. What a great surprise it has been for us! We reserved our room through and we went there after visiting the castle. I remember that it has been difficult to find it with our navigator but somehow we have been able to catch the route. There was a huge parking spot just in front the Agriturismo where we left our car. It seemed safe because nothing was around, just the greeny nature, valley and peacefulness. That was a kind of place we were looking for. Paolo and his wife Beatrice have welcomed us as their family members. Upon arrival we settled down our things as fast as we could and went down for dinner. We had no idea what to expect about the meal but we were so hungry that everything would have been fine!!! And instead we have been amazed with what they offered. It is mouthwatering even today when I think about their food and wine. The food was just amazing. Every single dish we had was absolutely fantastic in both, taste and presentation; prepared with attention to details and served with love and passion. One of the best food I have eaten in the area. In the cozy and traditional atmosphere, you can taste the authentic local food presented with a pinch of innovation. The starters, main courses, meat, veggies and dessert were just amazing. Their house wine was so nice and better than many other places which offer poor quality bottled wine; considering that you are in Italy this is really very disappointing. After the dinner we hung out with Paolo in the garden while his wife went to bed with their little child. Their rooms (they are running five rooms only) were nice as well, with all the basic services working properly. There was no Wi-Fi connection in the rooms but it was not a big deal for us. On the next day we had to wake up early because I had to return home in the evening but we just couldn't go without having their fantastic breakfast: the homemade cakes and the sweets were fabulous. I wish I could cook like them! We have promised ourselves to return back and indeed we did so. This year we went back only for lunch and since we cannot remember anymore the road to take to get there, we used the google maps and it took us right in front where we wanted to be. Since last year nothing has changed with their hospitality, neither with their food. It means that we will go back again and again. The only one suggestion I can give you is make your reservation before going because there is only Paolo in the kitchen so the service could be slow. If they already know you are coming they organize themselves in order to make it faster. Their good wine can help you out while waiting. Travelers should not miss a chance to eat or sleep here, even if it is a short drive outside of Bologna,  it is definitely worth the journey. It is located not more than 30 minutes from the Bologna airport then why not having a great meal before leaving the country?

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Monday, 14 August 2017

Therme Of Meran: Indoor and outdoor entertainment for Families, couples and singles.

One of my birthday gifts I ever wanted: Therme of Meran! They are located in the middle of the Merano town, an entire area dedicated to leisure, wellness and relax. We parked our vehicle in the awfully expensive car park right underneath and went up to the therme by stairs. Somehow we already knew there was a discount for the ones headed to the therme so we remembered to tell the staff we have parked down there and in fact we got the day’s parking for 10 euros instead of 20 or whatever. The customer service seemed to me colder than in the other spas where I have already been in the past. They gave us no direction on where to go or, advices on lockers, showers and etc. It have been in fact little bit confusing at the beginning, it was not intuiting at all and we saw people wandering around and asking others. If you are going there for the first time you need some minutes to realize what doing first. At the reception desk after we have paid our tickets, we got a wrist tag watch which gave access to the lockers in the large unisex locker room. I didn’t pay my ticket as it was a gift but I saw that there were several ticket options, varying by time and combinations of guests. We have taken the towels from home so we didn’t pay for it; they need to be rented on a separate place with separate payment, better having your own one. There was a gift shop at the entrance with a wide selection of swimsuit, bathing caps, slippers and magazines, in case you forget something you can easily buy it there.  As soon as we understood the method everything became easier: changing rooms, lockers and showers were then simple and efficient. Once got ready with our swimsuit we entered in to the spa area: they had a selection of indoor and outdoor pools of all temperature clearly labeled, mineral bath, sauna, Turkish bath, spa treatments and so on. The locations was stunning, the surrounding mountains gave an additional touch to the location. It was crowded but that was not disturbing us because the complex was very big and there were plenty of things to do. Modern, comfortable clean and well maintained. It was perfectly planned to entertain families, couples and singles. Nothing was missing! We stayed in the outdoor complex in the morning and we moved to the indoor area after having our lunch at the self service restaurant bar for a reasonable price. All our extras were charged on the wrist tag watch which we settled down at exit. The food was quite good as well. The indoor area is divided into the naked and the non-naked sections. Obviously children under 14 have no access to the naked area. In case parents want to relax without them there was a kid drop off service for an extra charge of course. I don’t agree with their photography policy, once inside you can’t take a single photo, if you try to take one you will be aggressively told off. I have been able to stole some shots. The staff inside acted more like controlling police instead of informing guides, so you better pay attention and follow the rules. Most of the outdoor pools are told to be closed in the cold seasons but it is also said that the amazing experience is given during the winter when you’ll see the surrounded mountains covered of snow while swimming in the outdoor hot water pool. I came to know later on that there was a salt water pool with underground music! It would have been a great experience. Sadly we missed it. In essence it has been a positive experience which we highly recommend for everyone. You can’t go wrong spending some time here!!!

What are you waiting for? Enjoy a day in Merano

Monday, 7 August 2017

Yala National Park.: Spot the Leopards

Yala National Park and the Leopards of Sri Lanka

After having our dinner at the floating market in Colombo, the one close to the bus station, we caught the semi luxury bus to Tissa (Tissamaharama) around 11 pm. There are busses leaving to Tissa every 15 minutes from the Colombo main bus stop. They do give continuous night services as well so calculating the six hours trip we thought traveling during the night time as it was not dangerous at all. There was nothing to complain about our bus trip if not the music which was quite loud but the miserable price we paid for the ticket (not more than € 4 each) made it however bearable. We reached Tissa ahead of schedule, some minutes before five am. Knowing well we’d be here probably before sunrise, we had previously organized with our hotel for the transport, in fact our three wheeler was already at the bus station waiting for us. Travel time to the hotel was not more than fifteen minutes.
Hotel Yala Eco Tree House was situated in a great location. Amila, the owner had only 3 rooms nestled in three different trees. They were not real tree houses but huts built among treetops sustained by 4 large cement columns. Our room had everything, mosquito net, ac, fan, a small table adapted from the branch of the tree and a bathroom few steps down collocated in the next branch of the same tree. I really enjoyed those hours in my balcony watching that early morning sunrise of the savanna. Even if it was an extraordinary place, I’m sure that it would not suit everyone, if you are looking for hustle and bustle, and have troubles to climb delightfully the stairs to the room, you should absolutely avoid this place. For me staying there was the highlight of the trip, quiet and peaceful area out of the town where I really enjoyed watching the rural life style of the country. The only problem I went through was the stray dogs, there were too many of them along the street out of the hotel area. One of them tried to bite me as well when I tried to walk down the road!!! Probably we shouldn’t have gone out without someone’s help. We had dinner in the hotel with two other girls living in the tree hut next to us. They were Italians as well; Amila arranged a BBQ and a campfire for us! The girls have been to national park that morning and they seemed not excited about their trip because they didn’t see the Leopard! Being Sri Lanka’s most famous wild life park, specially promoted for its high density of leopards, it is in fact disappointing not seeing one of it! The only one reason which takes such a big number of tourists to this park is indeed the presence of leopards!!! I hoped in my heart to see at least one.
The next day we started to sketch down with Amila our visit to the national park, instead both the girls left for Arumgambay early in the morning after having breakfast. The tour was done in two different timeframes: during sunrise and during sunset. These are the moments when animals start looking for food and water. The departure to the morning safari starts at 4:30 AM and the afternoon one at 2:30 PM. We opted for the evening one and Amila organized it very well. The jeep came to pick us up at the hotel at 2.30 pm and it took about half an hour to reach the park. As soon as I reached the entrance I started to understand the reason why the leopards are no longer seen: there were more than 50 big jeeps, full of people queuing for tickets. It was a real business. All of them were waiting for the right moment to start their safari. The entrance ticket was quite expensive, we gave the money to our driver and he managed to buy the tickets for us. Pay attention because I heard that tourists also pay unknowingly for locals tagged along with the driver for unexplainable reason. Like every attraction in Sri Lanka locals pay less money to get inside! At a certain time our race to catch the leopard started. All the jeeps started to run toward somewhere! It was a noisy race. Everyone’s eyes were hopeful to spot the animal but nothing happened! Just elephants, peacocks, wild boars and some other animals but no leopards. It was getting close to the sunset and all the jeeps stopped the engines and waited around to a small water spot in order to see the leopard coming to drink water. We have waited more than 40 minutes but nothing happened. Professional photographers were also present, the looked very hungry to catch a photo of the poor animal. Just the moment we were about to leave someone shouted that a leopard was moving on the tree above us.
It was true but the animal upon hearing the voice, jumped frightened moving fast away from the tree. All the jeeps turned on the engines again and followed the animal. My gosh it was so stupid! Do we really need to see a leopard!? Why don’t we leave the animal free in its own place? We were all so disparate that we run after it faster and faster in the sandy road hoping to see it nearby! The drivers seemed crazy; they moved the heaven and earth to show us the leopard. My gosh how selfish we were! One leopard vs 100 or more humans!!! Some of us have been able to see it and others have not! I saw it but I haven’t been able to photograph it well. It was not a big deal for me and I felt really sorry for the situation! This is what I hold in my heart about Yala. Later, during the dinner in our hotel we met some locals who told us that due to the dry season which has lasted months and months in the Tissa area, animal are migrating towards places with water spots. According to them this was the main reason why leopards are not seen any more. I think there is another important reason why leopards are not seen: so many human that continuously disturbing them and polluting their environment. Anyways if you are planning a trip to Yala, watch out for its closing dates because due to the prevailing drought conditions, the government is thinking to close it for a brief period for visitors in order to fill mechanically the lakes and watercourses so as to ensure the wild life of the area. This is all about my experience to the most visited National Park of Sri Lanka. Something must be changed: first of all the employers should be trained to preserve and conserve the nature. The second important thing to be done according to my opinion is absolutly reducing the visitors and vehicles entering the park and why not reducing the speed limit of the vehicles as well?

The day after, a close relative of Amila took me to their other land just in front of the hotel, on the other side of the road. The land was ending with a very beautiful lake. Fantastic scenery! There were plenty of peacocks, cows, fishing men and ladies washing clothes. I could take some great photos. Special thanks go to that old man who took me there and waited patiently a long until I have finished taking photos of everything. All in all it has been quite an experience. Excluding the leopard adventure, the barren lands and the uncontaminated nature made me fully appreciate the trip.
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