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Falkner Weg Panoramic Trail

Tirolo/Dorf Tirol has never been in my travel plans even if it is well known in Italy for some of its food items.  I came across this village located in the north of Italy, when I was driven there by my boyfriend in one of my birthdays.  People who know me well, know also that I love the Trentino alto Adige region, so whenever I find myself there I just feel happy, whatever the town is. Yes that is my favorite region!!!I haven’t traveled all around Italy but Trentino gives me a sense of peacefulness and this reason is much enough to return back there on all occasions. Tirolo/Dorf Tirol, surprised me a lot in fact it offered more than what I could expect: it was an ideal starting point for hiking holidays, it had plenty of panoramic trails. We tried the Hans Falkner Weg trail, the one overlooking the entire valley with its mountains, the Tyrol Castle and the vineyards. Apart from the hiking route, the Falkner Weg trail had much more to offer: along the way there were restaurants, pubs, typical houses and viewpoints and that could satisfy those who were not particulary in love with hiking or walking.  Accommodations were not missing of course!!! There was a huge parking area just in front of the starting point and the trail itself, not longer than 4 or 5 km (means not more than 40 or 50 minutes) was very well maintained with many relaxing areas. I highly recommend this trail for all ages, for families with children, for the ones short in time and it could be done also with wheel chair. So no disappointments.


  1. Scenic and serene, Tirolo looks so quaint and charming, wrapped in an old world charm. I'd have preferred had you captioned the images so that one could make out what your take is on that image :) Never the less, thanks for managing visually appealing sojourn.

  2. Tirolo is definitely my kind of place. Such serenity and charm! Would love to take a hike with my girlfriends and have those famous food items and click tons of pics. Love the images ♡

  3. It's remarkable how we tend to think of paradise islands or stunning beaches ans also deserts, when it comes to draem destinations. Whether it's Germany, Austria, Switzerland,the Alps in general and North Italy,Tirolo in particular. Look what a stunning place. The views are awesome. I am original from Germany, I have also been to Austria, travelled all through Switzerland to Italy, still I always wanted to live a life in the sun and near the beach, and funny eough now I am seeing and appreciating the beauty of 'home'. Home in the emaning of Germany, not Tirolo :) Your images are awesome! The food in Tirolo not to forget!!

  4. The view is amazing! I love making walks and enjoying the beautiful view. I've been to Austria, France and Andorra to hike and I really loved it. It's so stunning! This trail looks amazing. I would definitely want to try it out.


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