Why you must visit Toronto Island

Here following I’m going to explain why Toronto Island has been among my must in Toronto. As my mother’s sister is living in Toronto I used to travel there once in a while. It was not absolutely bad at all when most of my expenses were covered by her. I realized later that this kind of vacations had something that slowly began to annoy me. On one side I appreciated the warm hospitality of my aunt but on the other side I started to recognize that I was seeing Toronto through her eyes: she took me to all the tourist spots she liked, (Niagara Falls at least 15 times), to the restaurants she used to go, to her friends’ and as she sustained all the expenses I couldn’t react. This is the reason why, after about ten times to Toronto, I had never been to Toronto Island. Now that I’m older and my point of view has changed but specially having enough money in my pocket, finally allowed me to get in front of this. Whenever I travel, I want things manages completely by me. I’m the one who decides where we go and what to do. This time while visiting her I decided to include my trip to Toronto Island which has been one my wishes of the last few years. My boyfriend and I rented a car which we have picked up at the airport itself and the following day we decided to visit Toronto Island. When I said this to my aunt she was not exited at all, she said me that nothing special was there so for her it was like wasting the time. I didn’t want to believe her because I previously saw plenty and plenty of photos on internet that made me wanting to go there at all costs.
We parked our car at the nearer subway station and went to the downtown Toronto by subway from where we walked down to the Jack Layton ferry terminal at the foot of Bay St. and Queen’s Quay. There were both public and private boats sailing services. Public ferries were leaving frequently to Centre Island, Ward’s Island and Hanlan’s Island. The main attractions and majority of children’s' activities were on Centre Island and the ride to Centre Island was just 15 minutes. Just for your information the Toronto Island is actually a group of fifteen islands interconnected by pathways and bridges so you can walk from one end to the other. The map I had at the ticket counter showed me clearly all the actives there: we could walk, run or take bicycles on the island, walk your dog, on a leash, visit the 200 year old lighthouse or the trout pond or have a coffee or beer at one of the restaurant, BBQ, canoe and beaches.  There are lockers at several busy locations, a pier, boardwalk, gardens, playgrounds, artists retreat and even a public grade school, children’s amusement park (centre ville) and much more. It was clean and well taken care, a place which fitted all the ages and interests. Kids and adults of all ages can find something to do or see on the Island; you can spend hours and hours there without getting bored.
This was not the reason of our visit of course: the wonderful Toronto Skyline was visible only from the Toronto Island. We bought the tickets to the Centre Island ($7, 71), it was including also the return trip. Children and student had special rates. When we reached the the Centre Island we spent hours and hours admiring the skyline, it was standing majestic leaned out the Ontario Lake. The trip was worth enough only for that. How could a traveler go back home without seeing this cityscape? We took photos on photos. We spent such a long time with the skyline that we didn’t have enough time to visit the entire Toronto Island. We could just see the Children’s amusement park, (Centreville) and as it started to rain we couldn’t stay longer. We had to catch the ferry back home. I didn’t felt sorry for leaving because what I saw has feasted my eyes. Even though I’d love to return back in the future to see the rest, perhaps renting a bike could be a could solution. I will try to find a hotel in Toronto Island so that I can se the skyline during the night time.

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  1. Photos were colorful. Coming from our country, it's harder to go to countries like Canada. Hoping soon

  2. Your photography is amazing! I have never been to Toronto. The city looks interesting and nice.


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