Amsterdam Red Light Area

Sex is Sold and tax is paid

We have recently been to Amsterdam and so many things have surprised us, among them I don’t want to hide that the red light area was of course one of those that made me think a lot. It is well known already that prostitution has enjoyed people along the centuries but now we have no culture to tolerate it easily. Amsterdam had a different thought: they found a key to prevent the forced prostitution and opened the gate for the honest approach. Amsterdam city center behind its romantic image hides the reality of sex sales. While wondering around the red light area we could see ladies sitting on their chair behind the glass door lit by red lights, ready to sell sex and men could see them all before deciding which the one to approach was.  Each of the cabinet (brothel windows) had a red curtain and a red light which was turned on if the lady was available for any customers and off if she was not there sitting. 
Contrary to what I believed plenty of men were approaching, most of them were Indians (this is really something strange right?). It was highly forbidden taking photos of the ladies probably that was to ensure the safety of the prostitutes; most of them were from South America or Africa and probably they prostitute unbeknownst to their family. I couldn’t find any other reason to justify that because if selling sex was so normal then why not taking photos of the ladies like any other thing sold around. I just can tell you that when I tried to take the camera out from its bag a lady behind the door came out shouting at me and I was just taking my camera out. I better judge those boys who were pointing the ladies and laughing. Anyways respect is to be given specially when asked for!!!  Which made me smile while walking through this area was seeing a church, surrounded by the brothel windows; a mass was going on there and nobody seemed to care about that. It was really unusual for us. Prostitution is so immoral in the country where we live that it was so strange for us to see them all. There were a big concentration of restaurants, coffee shops, bars in that area and it is also said that pickpockets and street dealers are frequently seen. It was definitely worth walking through because it opened our eyes to the difference regulations which was a better way for both the prostitutes and the country itself because avoided the sex trafficking and the forced prostitutions meanwhile the country has a big income due to this activity not only because they pay tax but also they bring a great amount of tourism to Amsterdam.

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  1. Thank God no one mugged you for taking photos of the red light district. Anyway, never have I seen a red light district that has class. Other places have one too but there's none to write about it except sex. At least they incorporated art here.

  2. We always need to keep an open mind when traveling but, just like you, I have reservations in considering prostitution as a legitimate job. Perhaps the best thing we can do now is not take part in this business.


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