Activating the HNB Hard Ware Token

Customer care doesn't mean only smiling faces but mainly giving the correct advice at the correct moment, so making the work done easily! This is what the HNB bank should still have to understand. While asking the procedures for online money transfer at the main branch in Sri Lanka, they made going there more than three times. As a Sri Lankan citizen, living in Italy, for me was a very loss of time spending my days with bank during my vacation.
I thought everything was finally done perfectly when I left Sri Lanka but once back to Italy I realized that they didn't say me something very important so still the wire trasfer was not possible: THE HARDWARE TOKEN!!! Yes, living abroad means necessarily using the device.Then I wonder why they didn't tell me that and why they didn't advice me to withdraw it when I was there in Sri Lanka since I went to them more than three times? I had to contact the bank again by email ( and finally after two months I'm now able to transfer! Here following I'll give the details about the online hardware token application and activation in order to save you some time but specially in order to prepare yourself with information. Before the online hardware token request go to your personal settings on the right corner of the internet banking web page and update the phone number and address because after the application, within some days they will call you for the confirmation and also without a correct phone number (don't use 00 but only + for overseas contacts) the application is not possible. After this it takes about two weeks’ time to get the hardware token to the confirmed address.
Since after the application while you try to enter your home banking it will be automatically prompted for the token, press no if you didn't received it yet and press yes when you finally receive it. Because once you receive the token you must activate it. At that moment it asks for the serial number (red marked on my photo here) of your hardware token which is quite difficult to identify because there are several numbers on the device. After few attempts it finally turned up! Generate then the one time password wait until the display goes off and generate then the second one time password. Click ok to be finally done. This procedure could have been easier and quicker if the girl at the HNB bank front desk, had said me the exact details when I, for the first time went there and specially if she had suggested me to apply while I was there in Sri Lanka.

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  1. I am really bad at technical things and i feel helpless when i need to activate my token! Thanks for an enlightening blog post that describes the process in a step by step manner


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