Kasbah des Oudayas

Have you ever heard about this fantastic blue city close to Rabat? While tracking down our trip to Morocco, me and my colleague, found ourselves taking with a Maroccan lady in order to get some more curiosity about her country that usually difficult to find on several best selling-travel guides.
One of the suggestions she gave us was Kasbah Des Oudaias which was not in our trip plan but once in Rabat, of course we didn't miss it!!! We parked our car at the huge parking spot down the beach and walked on to the Kasbah. At the entrance, we have been approached by many local guides but we didn't take one. It was impressive seeing all the houses colored only in White and blue in a coordinated way. As well as the locals, also some foreigners had their holiday home there: they should have been really very rich because we heard the houses price rocket in Kasbah. The main Street, Rue Jamaa, run straight through the Kasbah to the Platform from where you can admire scenic views over the river and the ocean. As locals have their residences in Kasbah, while walking down the streets, we could see the daily routinary life going on and that was really facinating. The place is also well organized for tourists with souvenir shops, book shops, coffee shops where having a great mint tea, benches where sitting and relax. Kasbah definitivly was a must!!!  The main Platform closes at six pm so you better go before sunset. This has been my third favorite of my trip in Morocco as it provided a unique atmosphere of peacefulness and beautiful scenaries.

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  1. Lovely! I would like to visit it one day. Very helpful tips you got there. A nice story too.


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