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You know when your weekend is fully planned with a move so you can't go anywhere if not for a quick little spin around your city that you already know very well?
Yeah this is what happened to me, but Modena has surprised me this time. There was an event organized by the Municipality called Varchi nel tempo: Five world famous artists, Kurt Wenner, Leon Keer, Julian Beever, Eduardo Relero and Vito Mercurio were drawing in five different places of the city center (Piazza Grande, Palazzo Caradini, Prefettura, Largo S.Giorgio and Piazza Roma) trying to give a 3d effect of how Modena was in Roman times. On the artist's side creating one of those should be very difficult because actually the 3D effect is given out of a 2D painting. in fact only later I came to know that they started to draw on the 12th of May.
Before seeing those artworks I didn't know that the three dimensional optical illusion is given only from a certain perspective so it was realistic and captivating only  when seeing it at the correct angle. This is the reason of the huge queue in front of each painting. We had to wait some times more than half an hour before getting at the correct view point and due to this saldly we lost the last one in Piazza Roma. Queuing up has been for sure worth but I have to that the hurry didn't helped us to appreciate  and admire fully the artworks. All those five works seems will be given in custody to the Musei Civici of Modena so maybe one day we will be able to see them back again.
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  1. loved the 2d painting with 3d effect.. nice..

  2. I enjoy this kind of art <3

  3. Oh my god this is in my bucket list, checking out the 3D street art. Ever since I've learned about this art on 9Gag years ago, I have always wanted to see it in person. I am very much into street art and I think the 3D version is in a league of its own.

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