28 June 2017

Jinack Island (also spelt Jinak or Ginak)

Jinack Island, Gambia

 Turn your marijuana plantation tour in jinack island Into Success

Gambia is known for relax. Most of the people choose this destination only for this reason.  Am I right? While having our holiday in Hotel Senegambia, one day we decided to visit Jinack Island, just to do something different out of pool, beach, food, drinks and parties. That was our first Gambian out door experience so we decided to go by green taxi. I’m always for doing things by myself, but this time we had no idea of how reaching the place otherwise. While staying in the Senegambia area you have no choice if not the green taxi which is a real mafia against tourists.

Green taxies are only for non-Gambian visitors and they have fixed prices. At the taxi stand, you can see the prices for each touristic destination. We bartered the price with the controller and got it done for 6000 Dalasi. (Around € 100.00). Even if the prices of the green taxies are fixed, you can try to make it done for less especially during the day when it is slow. Only later I realized that the green taxi was the only option we had for a day trip to Jinack Island. We travelled until Banjul with our driver. He left the car somewhere close to the ferry station and from there we catched the ferry to Barra. Our driver helped us with queueing and ticketing. Once in Barra, we had to rent a 4 wheel drive until the Island for extra money. We couldn't avoid this expence because the area was a kind of lagoon so the normal taxi wouldn't have been able to reach the destination.
Other thing that we did in Barra was buying some candies for the children of the Jinack village. In fact they were so used to receive them that we couldn’t go there without. When we arrived close to the Island we had to cross the creek, by canoa which finally took us to the village where the marijuana plantations were. It was not really an Island but just a long stretch of sandy beach separated from the mainland by a creek. Lots of kids greeted us upon arrival and we went on distributing the candies to them until it got finished. Seeing so many marijuana plants like that was unbelievable. There was marijuana everywhere!!! So funny it was! Some of us tried to smoke it and went on laughing along the whole way back! I really didn't understand the reason why it is allowed to grow marijuana there! They said that it was legal there only and it was not allowed taking it out from the Jinack Island. Then remember though that it is for the villagers’ use only!!! I didn't believe that story!!! How could it be possible? They haverest tonnes of marijuana and even if all the people of the village smoke it from morning to night everyday, they can't finish it all! Remain to be seen what is really happening there! Anyways, I recommend a visit, it is not that much usual walking between the ganja fields; not only for this, it is a peaceful place with peaceful people, untouched from the hassle of the world.

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