28 August 2017

Most wanted for Iseo

25049 Iseo BS, Italia
How many of you have been to Iseo? And how many of you have been going around wondering for food after 2pm? Almost all of us know about Iseo now ad it has become more popular after the floating piers of Christo. It is now used to be touristy not only in the summer but plenty and plenty of tourists are visiting this lovely place along the whole year. Even though all the restaurants here are close from 2.30 pm to 7 pm. It is a real pity because most of the people are used to take it easy during the vacation and wake up later than usual. When they finally come out for lunch it is already late because they find everything closed. Here comes my suggestion for Iseo: the only one restaurant which is open non stop from 11.30 am to 10.30 pm is called Il Bruco. Their kitchen works continuously. It is a lake front restaurant which offers good food and pizzas for reasonable price. We spent € 53.00 for a dish of starter, two plates of pasta, water and two glasses of digestive bitter. Don't waste your time for wondering around as we did, just go to Il Bruco directly if it is almost 3 pm.

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