Blue Lagoon Iceland

September 11, 2017Niry Fidelis

One of the natural Wonders of the world

The Blue Lagoon is a geothermal spa, located between Keflavik
and Reykjavik. It is one of the most visited attractions in
and indeed it is a must. We read that it is always crowed but since
it covers a huge area and everything is perfectly organized, while inside we
didn’t felt the crowd at all. It has been for me a real oasis of relaxation. Reaching
the lagoon with our rented car has been very easy. It was a very short driving
distance away for us as we were sleeping in a bed and breakfast close to Keflavik.
We drove about 20 minutes to enter into the geothermal landscape. The road was
in a good condition. It would not have been so far away from Reykjavik as well,
about 50 minutes driving I think. In case you don’t have your own car, so many shuttle
busses are running frequently from both Keflavik and Reykjavik airport. Taxies
were also running from the main cities so you have no excuses. The beauty of
the nature around was unbelievable, we were flabbergasted. Every single angle
was impressively beautiful that it took a while for us to reach the entrance. We
stopped everywhere for photos and videos. Before going don’t forget to check
out the opening hours because it changes every month. I was there in September and
it was open from 8am to 10 pm. They sell a variety of packages, from the standard
one, which cost € 50.00 to the luxury one for € 400.00, which probably I would
have wanted but it was too much for my pocket so I went for the standard one
and I can say that I can’t complain anything. Everything has been fine with my choice.I paid about € 8.00 extra for
towel because I didn’t take mine from home.
The volcanic origin keeps the water warm so it was pleasant feeling the hot
water while outside it was cold. I was just like flying!!! It was simply
fantastic!!! We had some beers once inside the water, everyone did that!
Remember that every single extra you go for is expensive so also the beers were
but no one seemed to care about that any more. Pricey but what a great feeling
it was!
spent about six hours just floating and relaxing. There face mask pots located in every angle which can be used every time you want. The place in the middle of
the lava fields was not comparable with any other common swimming pools in the
cities. I didn’t want to go away from there, the view during the sut set was
just amazing. It was expensive but we both felt it was a must-see in Iceland,
definitely worth it. Although if you are not enough lucky to have a good
weather, in my experience I still say that it is a must do for Iceland. Even
with rain, wind or fog, once you are in the warm water it just doesn’t matter
anymore, you will forget everything else. I think the bad weather conditions
actually could add a little bit of welcome mystery. Would definitely go back. The ones who have enough money in their pocket can also dine and sleep there, should be a great lifetime experience. Specially after the whole afternoon spent there you feel so relaxed that getting back to your place could be tiring. When I finished having shower I ended up with wanting a bed there right away for laying down with a glass of wine on my hands. Blue lagoon will last forever in may heart.


  • Even if it is open every day
    of the year, pre-booking is
    essential to ensure the entrance. If you arrive without a pre-booked ticket,
    you are very likely to miss out.
  • Wait for the sun set to see, it creates scheming atmosphere.


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