29 September 2017

A Gem in the Historic Centre of Ravenna

Passatelli, L'osteria Del Mariani in Ravenna

One Saturday evening we were wondering around the city Centre of Ravenna and suddenly a wide screen which was projecting something, probably a movie, located down the hall of a restaurant drew our attention. As we already had a reservation elsewhere for dinner we couldn’t stop at that place. We got so attracted to that atmosphere that we decided to return the following day for lunch especially because the exposed menu by the entrance didn't seem so expensive. We were right indeed!!! It was a traditional Italian restaurant with an interesting location: the facade had some banners draped on the wall while the indoor had nothing ordinary: it was an old cinema theater rearranged with a modern touch where love, passion and attention to details were evident. With the Birth of multiplex cinemas many of the cinema theatres have been abandoned. This entrepreneur came up with a brilliant idea to transform an old cinema to an elegant restaurant. The kitchen has a glass wall so we could see the staff at work while eating. They had a wide selection of wine and extensive options of food including veggie and vegan ones. We ordered the set menu: In fact for lunch, there is the special of the month for just €10.00, drinks not included. We didn't go wrong with that, and we had spaghetti with clam and octopus salad. It was just delicious. I'm sure that going for any of the other choices will never leave you disappointed. All of the dishes looked inviting and the price seemed reasonable. We didn't have any alcoholic drinks, we had water but I'm sure that they also have wine for any taste and occasion. We ended up paying € 27.00 only. The coffee espresso I had was one of the best I ever had. The staff was welcoming except a lady who didn't have a smiley face so seemed a bit angry and rough.  All the others were friendly, their service was prompt and efficient, in fact there were so many businessmen having quick lunch. The experience is worth repeating, perhaps for dinner. Dining in such a great setting with a movie could be a romantic solution. For me it is a must in Ravenna.

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  1. We are italian and we have been to Ravenna two times in our lifetime! We have never been to L'osteria Del Mariani but according to your experience it is worth a visit. We love the idea to transform the old cinema in a cozy restaurant.
    You ar eright, it'a a gem!!

  2. I'm a huge movie addict. So I love the idea of transforming an old cinema to a restaurant. I'm sure I'd love it. And it's not expensive either. Sounds like a very reasonable price for a lunch. A good coffee is worth a lot!

  3. Wow! I want to visit Ravenna soon!


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