3 September 2017

Sleep in a Monastery and Discover The Mistery

25038 Rovato BS, Italia

Monastero dell'Annunciata, Rovato

Monasteri d'Italia

Franciacorta is well known for its wine but, they have many more curiosities than can take you to some interesting facts so don't stop with wine tasting.  

One of those is The Annunciata Monastery of Rovato. If you are lucky enough, you will find someone at the reception who will tour you around the Monastery. Recently we have visited this place full of enigma. There are 10 or 15 minutes’ drive in a narrow street but the arduous road is compensated with the beauty of the place. Absolutely worth a visit and in case you have enough time, you can instead of driving you can even walk up until the top. There were two at the book shop by the entrance: a well-dressed lady around 55 and a man with beard around 60. We didn't pay any tickets. The lady was the one who guided us through the monastery, she was such an enigmatic person, she told us quite nothing about the history, we were just treated to a panoramic tour without understanding what was really happening there. 

Annunciata  Monastery in Rovato

This strange approach was the reason why we have begun to ask her some questions. Our first doubt was to know if the Monks are still living there or they have left to somewhere else. Her reply was quite cold. She told us that the only ones living in the Monastery right that moment was herself and one Monk, but she didn't tell us what happened to the others. It seemed she didn't want to clarify further. If the Monks are not living there anymore then where have they gone and what are they going to do with such a big building? Here came our second question. I asked her if there are any plans for the Monastery or they are thinking to keep it empty. This time the answer was quite ample. Yes, she said it is going to be a kind of Hostel for adults. All of their rooms are single with attached toilet except one which has three single beds. They don't want youngsters because the Monks are very old and they have faced difficulties to manage the youth. Especially the Monks have to wake up early in the morning for the prayers and the youth like being awake in the night. This obviously would not coincide with the Monks' lifestyle. 

Annunciata  Monastery in Rovato

Probably I have missed couple of information because I didn't understand her. If the Monks are not living anymore in the Monastery then why should they care if the youngsters stay awake during the night? And also, I understood that the Hostel was a plan for the future, she didn’t tell us that they have already tried it in the past. I kept this doubts for myself. There are several rooms and according to what she said it will cost per person around €20.00/25.00 per night without meals and € 40.00 with all the meals included. It is not a cheap price but you are going to sleep in a room where the Monks used to sleep once: that could be a good reason to spend that amount of money.

Annunciata  Monastery in Rovato

The veranda where the doors of the rooms lean out has a wonderful view, from where you can see the entire city at your feet. Proceedings with the visit we got to the refectory. Twist and turn guys!! The dinner tables were set for about ten people! Mmm! If there were only two people living there then why should they set the tables for ten? I couldn’t keep this doubt so I asked her about it. She said they always keep the table prepared in that way even if only two will be eating. That sounded a little bit macabre. As we continued walking one of us asked our guide the reason why she has taken the decision of living in a Monastery. I think it has been a very bad question because her face changed suddenly. She didn’t expect that question yet it was so obvious. At that point I intervened saying that it not usual for a lady to take such a decision. After few seconds of awkward silence she said she had a vocation at the age of 20 and for personal matters she couldn’t follow her dream and now she finally had an opportunity to realize that dream of years ago. She said nothing more. It was quite clear that she didn’t want to go any further on this issue. So we changed the subject talking about the cleanings. 

Annunciata  Monastery in Rovato

She said that she is the only one cleaning and taking care of the entire area. Sometimes volunteers come to help her but she said the main work is done by her. I wondered how it could be possible; such a big area needs more workforces to be maintained. But I have decided to stop with my questions and also the others did the same as me.

I better don't write in detail what she told us about the income of the Monastery: it seems that the Monks are renting hectare and hectare of Franciacorta grapevine. That was it! We all thanked her for the visit and left the Monastery with too many confusions and doubts. Once got out we faced about this issue all together and all four of us had my same opinion. We all were wondering what was really happening there. The lady despite being a pleasant person, has not been exhaustive, she didn’t fully answered, we didn’t learn much more from her answers. 

Monastero dell'annunciata

When we came back to our hotel we asked the owners about her, they said they have never seen her. That was really strange because they used to go to the mass to the Monastery every Sundays. They also said that there is a fixed fat little housekeeper cleaning the Monastery. Everything about the Monastery was enigmatic. Now is your turn! Here is their phone number: +39 030 772 1377 call, reserve your room and discover the mystery! Don’t forget to update me, I’m curious!

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Monastero dell'annunciata

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