13 November 2017

Giurisdavidic Tower of Davide Lazzaretti

Monte Labbro, 58053 Roccalbegna GR, Italia

The Lazzeretti was an Italian preacher, born to a humble family in 1834 in a village called Arcidosso, in Tuscany, and since 1868 he devoted himself to preaching. He chose Monte Labro (Mount Labro of Tuscany) as the center of his community called Giurisdavidic, where he built the tower and the Church. Lazzaretti named himself "King of Kings". The construction of the tower was begun in July 1869 and ended in August 1870. However, the tower collapsed after a short time for the weight of its roof. The Giurisdavidic community became faster bigger and bigger and this frightened both the Catholic Church and the Italian Government. The 18th August of 1878, Lazzaretti led a large procession to Arcidosso and during this event he was fronted by a crowd of villagers commanded by the police. A musket shot him right in his head and Lazzeretti died in the evening near the Bagnore, a village of Tuscany close to Arcidosso. After his death, the tower went slowly into disrepair. Some early recovery efforts were undertaken in 1958 by some Giurisdavidic followers. Badly damaged by lightning, it was established in 1995 and restored in the years between 2003 and 2004. In addition to the tower you can still see the ruins of other sacred Giurisdavidic buildings: the church, consecrated in 1872, with the first mass celebrated on September 29, 1875 – and the chapel, completed in 1875.

Until now, once a year, if I’m not mistaken, on the 15th of August, Lazzaretti’s followers get together on the Giurisdavidic tower, for prayers in his memory. I have been participating to these meetings three or four times, not only for its religious sense but specially to admire the beauty offered by surroundings. The place can be visited along the year and the ticket costs about three euros. There is special discount for students; in fact they pay € 2.20. I didn’t understand the reason why it is sparsely advertised, but, this avoids the crowd. Unfortunately, in this way, only few know the beauty of this place. This is not a perfect option for aged ones and for the ones with lower mobility levels, because hiking uphill could give them troubles for sure. Pay attention during the heat days because there are no shadows along the way and if you are to the prayers, take a sweater with you because they take place inside the natural cave under the tower, where it is quite cold even in August. There is small trattoria where having a good meal, the food was really tasty. When around Tuscany and in case you want to organize a trip here, you better call the municipality of Arcidosso, in order to obtain information regarding the opening hours: +39 0564 96 50 50. As only few people are visiting this place, the schedules can change upon requests.

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  1. A hidden treasure for sure. Sometimes places like these are best kept low key. They'll last longer and more appreciated.

  2. i haven't heard about Lazzeretti before..this tower is a masterpiece. Its great you mentioned municipality details so that people can visit this place more often.

  3. Sounds like a spectacular place to learn the history of the tower. Great that they offer student discounts. Thanks for the visit tips!


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