Ibiza not only Beaches and Parties

December 14, 2017Niry Fidelis
Even if I knew it was not a high season month, I
decided to travel to Ibiza thanks to the Ryanair special rate white cost €28.00
for my up and down ticket from Bologna to Ibiza City. From time to time we
wrongly think about Ibiza just like beach and parties but truly it had a lot to
offer. Not only for its Caribbean appearance beaches but it seemed to a great place
for a relaxing holiday. 

In fact during the off season period which goes from
September to April, the island had an elite kind of vacation: families and
seniors. Among them others like me who wanted to take advantage of the special
Ryanair rates. This is how I found myself in that wonderful place during the
month of October. The clubbing season was coming to the end and that was a
moment when the young people were leaving and the more mature clientele were
coming. All the pubs along the beaches were starting to close their activity
but this didn’t mean that there was nothing to do. One of the absolute entertainments
to be unmissed was trekking. I did them as much as I could. Some of these, like
Cami des Broll were suitable for all ages meanwhile others were harder. The
vegetation in the heart of Ibiza surprised me; it didn’t seem to me like in
Europe. The one I most liked was the route number 3 in Portinatx: you can walk
up to the lighthouse and then continue walking for 12 km. It had an unexpected
landscapes and spectacular views. Unfortunately I must point out that it was
not so easy to be considered as low-level as indicated by Ibiza tourism. It may
in fact be tiring for children and aged ones. The path was quite rocky in
places. It was certainly unsuitable for the disabled or for anyone who would
struggle with rough ground underfoot.  Most
of the people stopped at the lighthouse (the tallest one in Balearics: 44m),
about 40 minutes of walk meanwhile I joined the group which walked until San
Juan to reach finally the stairways down the beach of Gran Arenal in Portinatx.
I highly suggest you to try this experience in Ibiza. I took the walks at the
leisurely pace with plenty of photo breaks… which believe me; you will
definitely wanting to take.

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