Lockers in Eindhoven railway station.

Luggage storage in Eindhoven Central Station

Thanks to Ryanair low cost flight that has opened the gate to one of the most  interesting European city, we could finally fly to Eindhoven, having Amsterdam as our final destination. Our lack of knowledge made us to reserve only one night in Eindhoven which was certainly not enough. In fact Eindhoven deserved much more but sadly having already paid our second night in Amsterdam we grudgingly had to leave the city the day after our arrival. After having checked out of the Hotel we went direct to the railway station with our luggages. We would have liked to stay at least some more hours in Eindhoven but that was not possible because of the whole weight of our things. 

I had a backpack and Alessandro have carried a trolley so there was no choice if not leaving to Amsterdam immediately. Just when we were about to issue the train tickets, we fortunately saw the lockers at the railway station. That obviously had changed our plans. We decided to store our luggages there and to stay longer in Eindhoven. The lockers were easy to use: We have chosen a bigger one and put all our bags inside. There were small ones (€ 6.00/24 hours) and big ones (€ 9.00/24 hours). Once finished filling the locker, we closed the door and went to the ticket vending machine terminal located just beside the lockers itself. We had 2 minutes time to pay and get the tickets; otherwise the door will re-open and you won't be able to pay. You must go back to the locker and close it again. The screen showed the number of our locker and it was just waiting for our payment. Once the payment was done, the door got locked definitely and we received a card/receipt with all the details. When we returned back after some hours, we simply needed to scan the previously given card/receipt on the reader of the vending machine and our locker got immediately opened.
Lockers in Eindhoven railway station.
Here are some important tips while wanting to use the lockers in Eindhoven railway station:
1.      They only accepted card payments in advance and the payment was for the 24 hour rental period.
2.    If you store for less than 24 hours you have to pay the full 24 hours fare, € 6.00 or € 9.00 depending on the size. The smaller one can store about 3 backpacks of 30/40 L.
3.     Before paying be sure you have chosen the correct locker. If you wish to open it after you have paid you will need to rent a full new 24 hours and pay again the whole amount.
4.     If the procedure doesn’t work as fast as I described here, change the locker because some times it could be damaged and it is useless insisting on the same one for minutes and minutes.
The lockers seemed a great idea for us specially when it comes to the last day of the vacation in a certain city, when exactly we will have to check out of our hotel in the morning, but will be going to other city on an afternoon train or even when our flight back home will be leaving in the late evening. I really hope this information could be helpful to you as it has been to us.

Lockers in Eindhoven railway station.
Lockers in Eindhoven railway station.
Lockers in Eindhoven railway station.

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  1. Wow! That's a great and safe way to keep your stuff while you go exploring around. :) It's a bit expensive when you compute it using peso though. It's around 500-600 Philippine peso. That is the amount of 3 full meals here. Hehehehe. :)


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