5 March 2018

What is a Riad in Morocco


5 Reasons why you must stay in a Riad

Ryad Morocco

Finally that day came, the day that we could fly to Morocco: our most wanted travel destination ever. My friend and I was planning this trip since years but for some reason we went on postponing the trip and I don’t want to hide that when the right moment came we were really excited. We were so prepared by now about the country that it didn’t take so much of time to schedule our plans. Without any advice or suggestions, we booked all our overnights in Riads and believe me that have been the best thing that we could ever do for this travel destination. 

Ryad Morocco

When we were searching for hotels on Booking.com, we casually noticed that many of the given options were having the suffix Riad but obviously at the moment we weren’t too concerned. To be honest we thought that it was an Arabic translation for the word hotel.  Only later, once in Morocco, we learnt that Riad was a traditional Moroccan house normally of two or more floors around an interior garden where plants and fountains were located. Once it used to be a city home of merchants and courtiers, means the wealthiest and for this reason it was built accurately, representing then the finest example of Moroccan architecture.  The word Riad comes from the Arabian term for garden. 

Ryad Morocco

Even if the style of these Riads has changes along the years, the basic form still remains. Since the tourism has started in Morocco, many of these building have been restored as Bed and Breakfast or restaurants and that gave an opportunity to the traveler to experience the real framework of the country. There were plenty of Ryads inside the Medinas of all the cities so combining Riad accomodations with the visit of the Medina, is certainly an excellent idea.

Ryad Morocco

Here for you five good reasons for what you must stay in a Ryad

Be ready guys, Morocco was one of the places where I eat delicious food. Since now when I think of Morocco, the first thing that comes to my mind is food. If you stay in a Riad, then you will have an opportunity to taste the original homemade items. What they offerrd there was nothing compared to what we found out in the restaurants.
Staying in a Riad definitely brought the original Moroccan culture to us. The Moroccan family who owned or managed the Riad usually lived in the Riad itself and they were good enough to guide us through their traditions.

We enjoyed the Moroccan interior design; they cannot be absolutely comparable to the new hotels in the country.

Being in touch with the locals helped us to overcome our middle-class prejudices. Yes this is really true.

The last reason which made us wanting to return again and again to the Riads was obviously the budget. You have plenty of choices, of course. There are Riads for everyone's pocket and taste: modern styled ones or traditional ones for the price starting from € 25 to € 200 or even more. With more than 500 Riads in the Medinas, even if you are on a budget, you can still have a wonderful one. 
Ryad Morocco

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  1. Oh it's RIAD LALLA FATIMA OUEDGHIRI in FES MOROCCO, IT'S VERY Beautiful place for relax and taxe a very nice trip in medina ... we are spending a very good time.

  2. Oh it's RIAD LALLA FATIMA OUEDGHIRI in FES MOROCCO, IT'S VERY Beautiful place for relax and take a very nice trip in medina ... we are spending a very good time.


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