13 February 2018

Sigiriya to Polannaruwa by bus

Polonnaruwa, Sri Lanka
Each time we use the local buses in Sri Lanka, we wonder why there are no other tourists except us. It could be probably because most of them don't know about the public transportation in Sri Lanka. In our opinion it is the most efficient and cheaper one that trying, would be for sure a valid option. When we wanted to go from Sigiriya to Polannaruwa, the tuk tuk driver asked us 3600.00 Rupies, ( €20.00). Finding us uninterested he dropped down the price until €2800.00 (€15.00). Even though as indicated on Google Maps, it seemed too much for the shown distance. We then decided to ask about the bus directions at the information counter located by the entrance of Lion's Rock in Sigiriya. What she said was really interesting and we are here to share that with you because we are sure that you can take advantage from this information.

She said us to catch the bus at the main road in Sigiriya to Inamaluwa Junction from where catching the bus  from Colombo (#48) which can drop you in Polannaruwa. It runs frequently, if I'm not mistaken it should be every fifteen minutes. It will cost you totally not more than 125 Rupies, means not even one Euro.
We were so lazy that we decided to travel until Inamaluwa Junction with a tuk tuk (600 Rupies) and once reached there we caught the bus to Polannaruwa (also called Kathiruvela), paying just 98 Rupies each.  Lady at the information counter said also that Kalmunai busses are faster than the ones headed to Colombo. 

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