8 April 2018

Our today's flight from Dubai to Bologna

Venice, Metropolitan City of Venice, Italy

Emirates EK093 Got Stuck In Venice

Emirates from Dubai to Bologna
we were flying from Dubai to Bologna by Emirates and our flight was supposed to depart at 9.00 am local time and land at 1.15 pm. It is 5 pm now in Bologna and still we all are on board. Actually our flight was on time, ready for landing in Bologna when suddenly the caption announced that due to a technical problem the airport runways of Bologna have been closed today. 

Seemed that Bologna has closed many of its viability today in order to disarm an explosive of the second world war found days ago. This date has been scheduled weeks ago and it is really strange that Emirates didn't know about that. For this reason after being suspended above the airport for approximately fifteen minutes our captain announced that we will be landing temporary in Venice until the reopening. This is how we have landed in Venice at 2 pm today. According to what said by the cabin crew at the beginning we were supposed to be taken back to Bologna within two hours. Whatever has happened, this information gave us hope and all the passengers believed strongly that things would have been back to normal "soon". After two hours of long waiting the only one communication given by the cockpit was that the runways in Bologna has been reopened and we were ready to depart as soon as we get the signal from the land office in Bologna. It was almost around 5 pm and we didn't get any other news from the staff. A man who was sitting some rows behind us said suddenly loud that we will never be taken to Bologna because he had a confirmation from someone that the airport has canceled all the departures and arrivals. He made noise and convinced some other passengers of his theory. They asked for a different solution. During those waiting hours so many unexpected things happened inside the aircraft, things that usually you don't think about. The claustrophobics were the first ones to give signals, they started to shout and insult. Followed by them there were the ones afraid of flying; people who have finally auto-convinced themselves to fly. Children and babies were coming next; how could they be silently seated while seeing the adults shouting and going around taking to each other? The smokers were obviously the most ridiculous; they couldn't wait longer and they started to smoke by the stairway. Passengers having other connection flights were worried about their journey. Tourists who had plans to stay in Bologna were upset about their hotel reservations. People with important medical commitments were getting really crazy. Some were worried for their friends and relatives who were waiting for them at the Bologna airport. Some started to feel hungry. There were then those returning passengers who had left their car at the Bologna airport parking lot upon the previous departure: they were discussing about the cheapest way to reach Bologna. Among them, some were living close to Venice but they had to go Bologna to pick up their car anyways. Some others were just getting angry because they were in one of the most beautiful cities in the world but locked inside an airplane. Imagine the business class and first class passengers. Everyone had something to say and the hostesses were handling perfectly the situation. They did the impossible to keep the situation under control. Suddenly an announcement arrived saying that whoever wanted to disembark in Venice could do but the languages will be sent home within some days. They said that according to the air navigation rules and regulations the languages couldn't be given to the passengers if not at the correct destination airport previously communicated. They also said that the transport from Venice to Bologna could not be arranged by the Emirates as the company was corently unable to find any private bus services. The group which asked for a different solution got down meanwhile the others remained on board because Emirates ensured that within today the flight will be flying to Bologna for sure. Time was running but no action was taken. Around 6 pm another announcement was inviting  all the passengers to disembark in Venice. We were taken to the airport and our lagguages arrived only after 90 minutes. Here arrived another announcement from Emirates saying that a free bus has been arranged to Bologna. Sadly most of us have already organized the way towards home with friends or relatives and only few could use the free bus. Finally around 8.15 pm we came out from the Venice airport. Our journey which was supposed to last 5 hours and 45 minutes, lasted seven hours more. 

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