Boulders Beach, South Africa

August 20, 2018Niry Fidelis

Boulders Beach, South Africa, An extreme highlight of Cape Town

Feature Photo – Boulders Beach entrance

Just 46kms South of the city of Cape Town,
located in the Cape Peninsula, lies a gorgeous little beach town rich in lush
green rolling hills, towering palm trees and white sand beaches. Simon’s Town
sits right on the coast and its main street curves along with False Bay.
Getting here from the city centre station is simple and cheap. 1 train will
take you directly to Simon’s Town in an hour and will cost you as little as
3.00$ Canadian round trip, 1st class for one person. Boulders Beach
is about a 30-minute walk from Simon’s Town station but prepare to be awed by
the gorgeous streets, old buildings and marine waterfront as you carry on to
your destination. This little town is not short on character, fresh seafood
restaurants and cozy cafes.

Boulders Beach, South Africa

from the Train

Entrance fee to Boulders Beach is very cheap
considering it is such a highly sought-after tourist destination. For only 76R
(7$ Canadian) per person gets you into the main viewing point of Boulders Beach
as well as entrance to the ‘Swim with the penguins’ beach. Unfortunately, it is
the end of winter right now and too cold to swim, we still took a walk down
there to check it out.
This is a highly sheltered and protected beach
made up of inlets sitting between marble style boulders from which it got its
name. Although set in the middle of a residential area, it is one of few places
to see the endangered African Penguin colony up close. These cute little guys,
also known as Jackass penguins, get their name from their loud donkey like
bray. The first two penguins settled on this beach back in 1982 and the colony
today has grown to around 3000.
Boulders Beach, South Africa

I was amazed at how close you get to the
penguins! You are confined to a newly built wooden walkway that winds all throughout
the shrubbery down to the main beach. Even before the beach, this walkway is
lined with napping and curious penguins lying in the bushes, peeking their
beaks out from under the walkway and taking a stroll towards the water. If you
are a photography enthusiast like me, make sure you bring a zoom lens and you
can get some great shots of these guys playing in the water. Like any wild
animal, please respect them and keep your distance. One of the beautiful
aspects to this activity is the closeness you get with these creatures and
although they seem cute, fluffy and friendly, they are still wild and are not
interested in being pet and will bite.

Boulders Beach, South Africa
You can only go so far when entering into the
main attraction and the wooden walkways come to an end at the main beach. When
you are done taking pictures and soaking up all that cuteness be sure to take a
hard left when you exit and go straight through the parking lot! You do not
want to miss the stunning dirt path walk through Table Mountain National Park.
This trek takes you through the thick of trees for about 10 minutes until you
come out to an opening of granite rocks along the water, green rolling farm
lands and intimate beaches to dip your toes. You will have to go through a few
latched gates but don’t worry! These are only there to protect the penguins,
just make sure to close the doors as you enter and exit! You will not be
disappointed with this area!
Boulders Beach, South Africa

This, to me, is an extreme highlight of Cape
Town and a must see when visiting the area. Get the feel of life in Africa and
take the train, walk through the small towns and don’t bother paying 80$ for a
In Cape Town the difference between classes of
people is prominent. Nowhere is this more obvious than in the central station.
Please take your safety seriously, beware of your surroundings and don’t spend
too much time in the station itself. Don’t be intimidated by the hustle and
bustle and definitely do not use this as a reason not to take the train! The
train ride is absolutely stunning and follows the waters edge leaving you
plenty of time to get some great photos along the way!
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