Boldt Castle: A Romance Frozen in Time

September 9, 2018Niry Fidelis

A place where you can still see George and Louise Boldt walking the grounds holding hands.

Situated on the Lawrence River
between the U.S. and Canadian border is a small island known as Heart Island.
Heart Island is one of the many 1000 Islands in the Lawrence River but unlike
the other islands, Heart Island is home to one of the most tragic love stories
of the Northern Hemisphere: Boldt Castle. 

Boldt Castle

In 1900 George C. Boldt,
famous for the Waldorf Astoria Hotels, decided to give his wife Louise a
surprise gift to show his love for her: a castle. He spared no expense in its
design marking its architecture with hearts, which gives the islands its name
today. Boldt Castle was to be a six story, 120 room wonder to shower his wife
with love. Tragically in 1904, Louise Boldt suddenly died having never seen her
husband’s labor of love. George Boldt was so depressed he immediately halted
all construction of Boldt Castle and he never returned to the island. The Castle
laid in ruin for seven decades before the Thousand Island Bridge Authority
acquired its ownership. Today it’s a tourist attraction still being restored
after so many years of neglect.
Today you can visit Boldt
Castle from Gananoque, a small town in Ontario just 20 minutes east of
Kingston, an hour and a half south of Ottawa or three hours east of Toronto.
The Boldt Castle stopover boat tour runs roughly 5 hours total with a 2 hour
stopover at Heart Island so visitors can tour the Castle. A passport is required
when visiting from Gananoque as the island resides in U.S. waters. Tickets can
be purchased online for approximately $50.00 per person at

Boldt Castle

A discount is given for
seniors and children five years of age and younger are free. Some people living
in the 1000 Islands drive their own boats to Heart Island for a visit to the
castle which is only $9.50 for entrance alone. You can also see the Castle by
helicopter, which also leaves from Gananoque and cost about $135.00-150.00 per

Boldt Castle

I visited Boldt Castle this
past summer with my parents and we were all taken aback by the castle’s
craftsmanship and the dedication in its design. The outside resembles a castle
but the inside is a lavish manor. The love once poured into the castle’s
construction permeates throughout the grounds. My dad said he could almost see
George and Louise Boldt walking the grounds holding hands. 

If you want to read more by  Laura Hosford, check out her website here at

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Comments (8)

  • Laura Woodfield

    September 25, 2018 at 8:47 pm

    Awww what a sad story! I'm so glad it's being restored and the memory of their love lives on.
    Now I'm off to ask my boyfriend where my castle is …

  • Chloé Arnold

    September 26, 2018 at 1:41 am

    Boldt Castle looks and sounds absolutely incredible! Can you imagine living there? Definitely adding this to my bucket list!

  • Katie

    September 26, 2018 at 5:40 am

    This is such a pretty home. It's hard to believe that homes like this have been common in different times in history. They definitely don't build like they used too…

  • Daphne’ Adams

    September 26, 2018 at 1:25 pm

    This home is so beautiful and I am so glad that it is being restored.

  • Unknown

    September 26, 2018 at 3:01 pm

    Oh, a castle! I love that i'd be able to go with my son and he wouldn't have to pay. i love love love old architecture. Thanks for sharing this amazing castle.

  • Augustina gustina

    November 24, 2018 at 8:38 pm

    Much obliged to you for sharing the data of intrigue, might be helpful 🙂
    no strings attached

  • Aniqa Rajput

    February 19, 2019 at 2:12 pm

    You see romance takes a lot of work and energy and anyone who has been in a relationship will admit that romancing their mate was and is full of time and attention and after we get married some simply get tired, lazy and unwilling to make the same commitment to their spouse.

  • MilesGeek

    April 25, 2020 at 2:35 pm

    I’m beginning to think one should never built a castle for their beloved. Someone always seems to die shortly after.

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