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Let me give voice to Madagascar

Sex Madagascar

I’m not the one who writes about numbers and statistics and neither have ever been a moralist but since my blog has started to have its position in SEO (Search Engine Optimization), what I’m noticing really gives me a bit of shock: the majority of people who is entering into my page through organic research are looking for Sex in Madagascar. In fact I’m highly Google ranked for my article about the sad realty I have seen in Nosy Be and Diego Suarez where horrible men used to have sex with minors and children.
Madagascar is such a beautiful country, it is amongst the one of the top I have seen in my life but I can still remember how disgusting it was getting back to the hotel area, from a wonderful day trip, made me feel so sad when seeing those old and deformed bodies going around in the touristic zone with cute little ladies. I knew for sure that they were minors because Madagascar is one of those countries left behind by development where all the women in their early 20's were already mother of 2 or 3 and sometimes 4 children.  These "shorts" were just taking advantage of this country where basically human rights didn't exist means equal to zero.

Sex Madagascar
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And now even if I’m back home, I'm still receiving updates on this disgraceful matter due to the blog post I have written in the past. People from all over the globe are searching for Sex in Madagascar!!! My statistics are the confirmation of the fact that Madagascar is still going on developing its sexual activity among the tourist. Some other countries in Africa, like Gambia has started to fight against the sex with minors and why not Madagascar do the same? It has no reason to sell sex! It has it all.

On the other side, I just want to tell to those men that, unlike these poor people, you are given a luxury chance to choose, so I urge them to pause and think again and again. Using helpless and defenseless people is not human! 


  1. That's true .. no sex but nature is great to adventures

  2. Disgusting really! Sad how women are reduced to mere objects

  3. Wow, I had no idea that happened in Madagascar. Thanks for writing this. It’s infuriating really.


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