8 October 2018

Foodie one day itinerary in Enna, Sicily

94100 Enna EN, Italia

Best Restaurants in Enna, Sicily

Wondering where to eat in Enna?

Our trip to Sicily started in Enna, a city right in the centre of Sicily which is strangely unconsidered by many tourists. Alessandro and I spent an amazing three days in Enna and having understood that while traveling many of you hardly stay more than a day in the same city I thought about giving some suggestions, especially in terms of food selections which could help you in handling you one day trip to this beautiful place in the best way possible. Don't waste your time in wondering where to eat in Enna, just follow my recommendations.

Start your breakfast in Caffè Roma in Vittorio Emanuele's Square, all their sweets are made by them. Don't forget to try the Cannoli here: rather than the big ones I suggest you the smaller, if it is not enough then take another smaller one. For my taste, the biggers have too much of ricotta cheese. The caffè Roma in Enna has some chairs on the front straight square as well, which is absolutely ideal for sunny days.

Caffè Roma Enna
Caffè Roma, Enna

Take the lunch at the Trattoria La Rustica, called by the locals "La Vedova", the widow. This restaurant in Via Aidone is not that great from the outside but it is very welcoming inside. Here you eat typical local food for very competitive prices. 

LA Rustica Enna
Trattoria La Rustica, Enna

If you want to have mid-evening snack my suggestion goes for  Bar Pasticceria Caruso in via San Francesco D'Assisi.  With enough space in your belly, you should not forget to try the "Arancini"
Dinner goes to Tommy's Wine in Piazza Francesco Paolo Neglia. In this warm and welcoming restaurant, you can taste the revisited traditional dishes together with a wide wine selection. Believe me guys this is one of the best restaurants in Enna, don't miss out this place for any reason. 

Tommy's Wine Enna
Tommy's Wine, Enna
An after-dinner drink suggestion certainly goes to Al kenisa, in Via Roma, it is such a curious place as it is a deconsecrated church with literary caffè where enjoying a good drink together or just sitting and reading a book. This place is fine also for aperitives and during the weekends they often organize live music. They do have Wi-Fi.

Alkenisa, Enna
Al Kenisa, Enna

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  1. I adore Italy, but I have never been to Sicily! I am hoping to next year. Thank you for some great food recommendations!

  2. Oh this looks like so much fun. I want to visit!

  3. The place looks fantastic! I would so dine there! Also Sicily is in my list for next year which is even more exciting

  4. I would love to visit it seems like it would be amazing. The food sounds wonderful, to try the authentic flavors and experience the scene =fabulous! Chastity

  5. Sicily is my home. Good to see that you had great time there..

  6. We love Italy the food is just amazing! We have yet to visit Sicily but hope to do so in the future, would love to visit these places.

  7. I would love to go to Sicily. its near the top of my bucket list

  8. Omg that just be one yummy day!!!!! I’m a huge foodie and Sicily is definitely on my bucket list

  9. Very useful blog. Thanks for the recommendations.

  10. I love the idea of a literary cafe - eating and reading are 2 of the finest things in life. Hoping to visit Italy next spring - really excited already about the food!

  11. OMG! How did I miss Enna? I spent a week in Sicily last week and went all over but Enna. You're right about Italian food. It simply is the best.

  12. Italian food is my favorite, I'd love to be able to visit Italy one day and visit so many places while I'm there, and definitely try some AUTHENTIC Italian food.

  13. Looks like great list of places! I would definitely love to visit each and everyone of them! lovely!

  14. Omg so much yumminess!!! Food is always my favorite part of any vacation!!!!! Love eating like a local


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