15 April 2019

Cibus Connect 2019

Parma PR, Italia

Welcome to Foodland: International Development of Made in Italy Food

For a few years now that I have been hearing about Cibus, an Italian food fair which annually takes place in Parma, a city in the heart of Italy.  The curiosity in knowing what was exactly behind this event was quite high not only because Parma was just a few miles out of my hometown but especially because when you go on hearing "Cibus, Welcome to Foodland",  some neurons in your brain start to give strange signals. Am I right? Please, correct me if I'm wrong! So, this year, when the invitation showed up in my mailbox, I didn't turn the chance down!


Moreover, Cibus Connect was a new way to focus on and boost the international development of Made in Italy Food. Can you just imagine what we are talking about? We are simply talking about the most wanted Italian Food. The fair was designed mostly for food marketers who could discover the authentic made in Italy items.  The buyers could actually taste, decide and buy. There was, in fact, a perfect hosted buyers program which facilitated the new business opportunities between Italy and the other countries around the world.  

Cibus Connect

Cibus Connect was scheduled for the 10th and 11th April, a convenient date for the professionals of the food industry since it is right after the Vinitaly in Verona. Moreover, the gave special attention and care to the buyers that made everything fast and simple. 

Cibus Connect

 But anyway, talking about us, Alessandro couldn't join me that day, so I visited the fair with a colleague of mine and I must say that we were taken by surprise. Cibus connect was running in halls 5 and 6 in Parma Exhibition Center. Both the halls were equipped with restaurants,  VIP lounge for exhibitors’ networking,  cooking show areas, food exhibition booths, tasting booths, luggage room for buyers, workshops areas, meeting area, and so on and on. In short, let me say that everything was created to turn the event successful. Believe me, we simply didn't know where to get started!!!

Cibus Connect  2019

It was one pm when we reached there and the tasting area was hard at work: chefs and cooks were dishing up the food to be served.  I saw them boiling water after water to make fresh pasta. I tried for first the "spaghetti with truffle" prepared by the  Savini Tartufi home; it was just mouthwatering.

Cibus Connect  Parma

And from then on, I went on trying and trying until a point that I had to stop eating! You know what I mean? Meanwhile, my colleague went on until the end: coffee and bitter included. I guarantee the quality of all the items I have tried.  After all, when it comes to food, Italians just make it better always!  

Cibus Connect 2019

It had been a great way of spending four amazing hours. I do believe that Cibus Connect is an extraordinary and unique way to give value and to promote the Italian food and drinks and on the other side, it is also a great opportunity to meet the top buyers from all around the globe.

Cibus Connect Parma

I know that they have some restriction for the visitors who just want to snoop around, I mean the non traders. It is quite understandable. It is open mostly to food trade visitors and professionals only. People under 18 were not admitted at all. In case, you can contact them previously to get all the needed information. 

Cibus Connect
                                      Cibus Connect 2019

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