Marrakesh Medina – The Ultimate Street Photography Destination

November 4, 2019Niry Fidelis

Marrakesh Medina: my photo album.

Over my travel adventures, I have shot everything. However, for me, street photography remains the most satisfying one. Photographing people in their daily environment might sound easy but it’s really not. It is not only about being at the right place at the right moment or being an excellent composer but it’s about trying to tell a story. I’m a beginner of course but, I really hope to take my street photography to the next level soon.

Being able to narrate a story is still so difficult for me but I’ll keep on trying.

Street photography can be uncomfortable and intimidating at times, especially in the Arabic countries but it is a great chance to learn and understand different cultures and lifestyles.

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Marrakech Medina Street photography

Is it safe to walk around Marrakesh?

As a hobbyist photographer, one of my favorite cities to shoot is certainly Marrakesh (or Marrakech); at any time of the day you can find great subjects there. However, most of the Moroccans don’t want their picture taken, they get upset the moment you point the camera at them. Some people just cover their faces, others even shout and scream meanwhile, women put up a scene that will scare you like hell.

When I first went to Morocco, back in 1912, Marrakech was not safe at all and it was quite hard to go around and take photographs. There were no useful maps for Marrakech medina and it was easy to get lost.

In the last few years, not to mention the year 2019, tourism has started to blast off in Marrakech and thanks to this things have changed. It is easier to get your click done but you need to be cautious with the locals and you need to have some coins in your pocket.

Marrakech travel

hard moments while trying to figure out the indications without being disturbed by others.

Which is the best camera for Marrakesh Medina?

For this reason, once back home from my first trip to Marrakech, I decided to buy a camera that could facilitate me somehow and this is how I found myself buying a  Leica V LUX typ 114. This small jewel allows me to click a farther away without being noticed too much. Let me say that Leica V LUX typ 114 meets perfectly my expectations.

Tips for Marrakech
Egg seller

Why Marrakech is so unique?

This 1000 years old pink city is home to the busiest medina of the country, where manpower is still very strong. Marrakech has something for everyone and for an avid photographer, there are ample opportunities throughout Marrakech to immerse in its culture, architecture, religion and history.

Tips for Marrakech
 Association Sidi Yacoub Tannery from Chez Hassan Berbere shop terrace
Tips for Marrakech
Medina daily life
Best places in Marrakech Medina
He was saying to us that the donkey cart was the Moroccan Ferrari
Best places in Marrakech Medina
Leather workshop close to the Maison de la photographie
Best places in Marrakech Medina
Jeema El Fna Square folkloric singer
Things to do in Marrakech
Lantern seller in Jeema El Fna Square
Things to do in Marrakech
Leather workshop close to the Maison de la photographie
Things to do in Marrakech
Old man in the medina
Marrakech Medina
TV repairing Centre in Medina
Marrakech Medina
Craft Luminaires in Medina
Chiken seller
Grocery Store
Dye fabric to make clothes
Book Shop
Moroccan Bread seller
Jama El F’na square
Singer by the street
Around Medina
Around Medina
Cycle Shop
Various assorted items for sale
Snails seller in Jama El F’na Square
Tourists by the Souvenir Shop

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  • Iphi

    March 29, 2023 at 12:44 am

    What medina did you like the most? The one in Marrakesh or Fez?
    Love your pictures btw!

    1. Me With My Suitcase

      March 30, 2023 at 10:53 am

      It’s a hard question… I would say Marrakech but you know what, Fes is not bad at all eh.

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