Is Burano worth a visit? Ultimate 2020 travel guide

January 25, 2021Niry Fidelis

The picturesque island of Burano is one of the most fascinating towns of the Venetian lagoon. And of all the things you could do in Venice, choose a day trip to Burano if you’re in for visiting romantic towns or simply for walking around and taking some good enviable photos for your Instagram profile without having any particular commitments like visiting museums or churches.

Burano is famous for its brightly coloured fishermen’s houses and lace work.

Here I’ll tell you some facts about Burano to inspire you to take a day trip to Burano Island during your stay in Venice.

How to get to Burano from Venice?

There is of course a water bus (called Vaporetto in Italian) running regularly from Venice to Burano. This is the easiest way to get to Burano. Vaporetto number 12 departs from Fondamenta Nuove, a station very close to St. Marco square. The journey takes about 40 minutes and costs €7.50 per person one way. Tickets can also be purchased on board for a slightly higher price.

If you have a 24/36/48/72 hours or even weekly tourist vaporetto pass then you don’t need to buy the ticket. Always check with the driver to make sure that your pass is valid for that line.

And now, what if your ticket falls down into the water? You have to buy another one. If it is just a one run ticket then it can also be fine but losing the day pass or the weekly one becomes really unpleasant because they don’t come cheap. So, keep your tickets safe when you are on the boat. And yes, I’m speaking from experience. I dropped my ticket twice and this is how that weekend trip to Venice cost me more than any other weekend trip around Italy.

Why is Burano so colourful?

Since before the Venetian Republic, Burano was home to fishermen. It is said that the houses were painted colourfully so that they could find their way back home during the fog. This may be a legend but it is precisely those pastel coloured houses that today attract millions and millions of visitors.

Burano, some photos to inspire you

How you can spend a day in Burano and how much time you need in Burano?

Burano by drone

Often travellers take a day trip from Venice to visit 3 islands at the same time: Murano, Burano, and Torcello. I would not suggest you do this. Burano deserves a day all for itself. Strolling around its beautiful colourful houses is so relaxing and peaceful. From its main square, Piazza Galuppi, to the canal running through it, every single spot of this town is so magical and romantic.

While walking down the streets of Burano, you can see a number of lace shops, and in most of them you can see ladies working with their sewing needles.

Once you decide to take a day trip to Burano, enjoy the journey in tranquillity, without any rush. It’s true that the island is very small and doesn’t truly offer a lot to do, but if you are stopping for lunch in Burano then your day will get full.

And then if you have some more time available before you go back to Venice, you can visit the Lace Museum in Burano. The Venetian lace has ancient origins according to legends and history, and it is interesting to learn the stories behind lace making in Burano.

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Where to eat in Burano?

There are plenty of restaurants in Burano. Most of them are located along the canal. We had lunch at “Trattoria Al Raspo De Ua” that I feel I must recommend to you. Prices are reasonable and the food is great. I doubt, however, that you could eat badly elsewhere in Burano.

If you are not short on time I recommend that you stop for lunch in Burano. It is so relaxing sitting by the canal and enjoying the meal.

Is it worth spending a night in Burano?


As I only had a short time available I didn’t spend a night in Burano, but I don’t want to hide that I would have loved to.

For me, holidays are various types: there are moments to run and moments to relax. I love both modes as long as they give me an experience to take back home. If you are also of this opinion then know that Burano definitely gives a lot.

If you are not spending a night in Burano but returning to Venice the same day, check the time of the last water bus ride upon arrival and keep an eye on the schedule. Time flies while wandering around the alleys of Burano.

Limited time available?

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