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September 27, 2021Niry Fidelis
Locanda Di Desideria

Food tours have started to blast off in Italy and every Italian Region has a big role in it. I would even say that every Italian city has its own characteristics.

The various Italian cities, in fact, have plenty of good restaurants. Some are in the centre, and some are off the beaten path but offer even more authenticity and genuineness, and the Locanda di Desideria in Fabro, in the Umbria Region is certainly one of those.

Locanda di Desideria – How to reach by car.

Locanda di Desideria is situated on via Piave of Carnaiola, only 3 KM away from the Fabro highway exit, which is less than a 5 minute drive.

If you are driving from Perugia, then you need to take the Via Pievaiola up to Tavernelle, Piegaro, Montegabbione, and Carnaiola. Once you reach Carnaiola, you can park your car at the castle next to the restaurant.

Meanwhile, if you are driving from Chiusi then you have to take Via Fondovalle up to Ponticelli, Fabro Scalo, and then Carnaiola.

Once you reach Carnaiola, you can park your car at the castle next to the restaurant.

Are you travelling by train? Then give them a call, and if possible they will pick you up at the railway station in Fabro.

Locanda di Desideria – Location

AddressVia Piave, 25, 05015 Fabro TR

The location where the Locanda di Desideria is, is well worth a visit. It is indeed located in one of those beautiful Italian authentic hamlets on the top of the Umbrian hill close to Cittร  della Pieve (15 KM).

The restaurant exterior is well illuminated and clearly signposted and as you enter the place, you feel welcomed by a huge dining hall with a fireplace which can seat around 50 people. In summer they also have outdoor seating.

After the lunch, before getting back in the car, I suggest you take a walk in this picturesque village. It can also help you digest right? ๐Ÿ˜‰

Locanda di Desideria โ€“ Food.

Obviously location is not the main reason why Iโ€™m suggesting that you dine at La Locanda di Desideria. I do believe that it is an excellent restaurant that you should try if you are in the area! And, given the amount of โ€œAgriturismiโ€ I have seen in this part of the Umbrian countryside, I think there is a lot of tourism here. So, it is probably very easy to find yourself in the area.

In our case, we stayed 5 nights at the B&B Podere le Olle which was an ideal place to explore the surroundings. It is immersed in nature, but at the same time itโ€™s very close to some of the main attractions.

So, returning to food, the menu at La Locanda Di Desideria offers a wide variety of mouth-watering dishes. From starters to desserts everything is linked to the Tuscan and Umbrian cuisine. This is an important point that deserves a mention.

I mean, even located in the Umbrian Region, this part of the Umbrian countryside being very close to Tuscany offers a mix of cuisine from both these regions. And, at La Locanda di Desideria, this fusion is expressed very well.

We tried many of their dishes at La Locanda di Desideria in Fabro; all were just exquisite.

In addition to this, what is to be mentioned is the fact that all the products they use are fresh and the dishes have the warmth of homemade food. They take great care in selecting the best quality ingredients.

The restaurant also caters to all tastes by providing a large selection of the best wines of the region, some of which are pricy but worth sampling.

Even the pasta they serve is freshly made.

A special mention goes to the chef, Loris Fanella, who in fact is not only good at cooking, but also at decorating and presenting the dishes.

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There is one more reason why Iโ€™m here today to share this amazing place with you. Alessandro has been medically cowโ€™s milk free for over five years now (actually he can eat butter and parmesan cheese because they donโ€™t contain milk-protein), which means that he has some restrictions when in the restaurants. Eating milk free in Italy is still a big challenge since plenty of local dishes include dairy products.

La Locanda di Desideria, on the contrary, offered him a wide choice of milk free items. For this reason, we were tempted to visit this place even more often while holidaying at the Podere Le Olle B&B.

Prices are a bit above average, but let me say that the service and the food justified it.

Locanda di Desideria – Service.

There is nothing to complain about the service, too. It does complement the high quality of the cooking. The staff is always around willing to exchange some kind words with the clients. We had a pleasant dining experience with food of the most exquisite flavours.

If you happen to be in this area of Umbria and are looking for good Tuscan combined Umbrian cuisine, I highly recommend the La Locanda di Desideria; it is one of the best places to eat in Fabro.

Now, if you are a tourist in Italy, you are probably not going to face a dining disaster. Nevertheless, since gastronomy is an essential part of the travel experience, a piece of advice from someone who loves and knows the Italian food could really help you choose the right restaurant.

Iโ€™m so glad we found this place while staying at Podere le Olle B&B. I truly enjoyed the location and the food. And why not also their extensive wine list.

Pick the one you like and pin it for later. ๐Ÿงก ๐Ÿ’› ๐Ÿ’šโค๏ธ

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