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September 19, 2022Niry Fidelis
Podere La Strega

Planning a holiday to Siena? Then don’t forget to check out “Agriturismo Podere La Strega.” It is definitely one of the best places to stay in Siena!!!

Podere La Strega
Garden overlooking Siena

Siena is without a doubt one of the most beautiful Italian cities and it is a place that every tourist aims to visit during a trip to Tuscany. Isn’t it? After all, it goes without saying that Tuscan cities attracts countless tourists each day. For many years now its unspoiled land abundant with natural beauty and medieval cities has become one of the best tourist destinations in Italy.

And so it was that Siena, with its rolling hills and its beautiful medieval hilltop city centre, has always been on the list of everyone. It is indeed a great destination to experience the Tuscan life, culture, food, and nature.

One of the things that characterizes Siena and Tuscany in general, are those farmhouses called “Agriturismo.” Ever heard of it? In Italian, Agriturismo is a combination of the words “agriculture” and “tourism.” An Agriturismo is a farm stay, or a style of vacationing in farmhouse resorts.

To date there are so many farmhouses in Siena: from the ones with a rustic setting to the ones with a luxury ambience, from the ones with animals to the ones surrounded by grapevines, the Agriturismo in Siena can satisfy everyone’s taste. Well, I mean the choices are many. It’s up to you to choose the one that suits your needs.

That been said, let me tell you about Agriturismo Podere La Strega, which in my opinion is one of the best places to stay in Siena.

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Agriturismo Podere La Strega: Location.

Pool area

First I’d like to start by talking about the setting because it is priceless. Podere la Strega is located just a few km away from Siena’s medieval city centre, among the magnificent landscapes of hills covered by olive groves and vineyards. The drive takes about ten minutes but if you prefer walking know that Siena is only 30 minutes from this accommodation. While at about 600 meters from Podere La Strega, there is a bus stop with departures every 15 minutes. So essentially, this hotel is a great base for all of the top things to do in Siena.

Physical address: Str. dell’Ascarello, n.6, 53100 Siena- Italy

Podere La Strega has as its horizon the majestic medieval city of Siena and this ensures that the view from this B&B in Siena is absolutely spectacular!! The hectares and hectares of green land bordering Siena gives tranquil and peaceful scenery. Another plus point in its favour is certainly the fairytale garden and the perfectly cared for pool area overlooking the historic centre of Siena. Believe me, it is something magical.

So if your question is “what farm stays in Siena have nice views,” then this is definitely your place! Don’t you just want to be there right now when you look at these photos?

Agriturismo Podere La Strega: Interior.

Hall area

It’s not only the location that makes Podere La Strega one of the best places to stay in Siena. Every corner of Podere La Strega is respectfully restored and elegantly furnished in order to give the guests the charm of Tuscan living. The six rooms at the Podere La Strega located over 2 floors are indeed creating a unique atmosphere of the classic Tuscan setting.

Not to mention there are some social areas such as the two spacious living rooms (one even with a fireplace) and the fully equipped kitchens with their dining rooms at every floor. Letizia herself, the owner, personally took care of the design and furniture.

For more interior check out my Instagram reel here!

Agriturismo Podere La Strega: welcome.


The third point that makes Podere la Strega one of the best places to stay in Siena is definitely the warm welcome you receive.

In these times where self-check-ins are taking over, it has become even more pleasant to have someone who pamper you a bit. Well, Letizia and Orsino, her husband, were always there to help us out in order to not to let us miss anything. I really mean it. It was in August that we spent 3 days in Siena and during that time the property was always full and I always saw guests being spoiled with the best treatment.

Agriturismo Podere La Strega: Breakfast.

Breakfast time

Breakfast mood is another point that makes Podere La Strega one of the best places to stay in Siena. During the summer season, it is served in an opn-air space overlooking the city of Siena. In winter, instead it is served in the kitchen located on the level above the ground floor which has a huge glass window overlooking the pool with the city in the background. In both cases it is set at a unique large table in order to create a warm atmosphere which offers a completely unforgettable experience.

In the breakfast buffet you can find both sweet and savoury food. There were eggs, ham, cheese, biscuits and gravy, pancakes & waffles, pastries, cereals, fruits, juice, milk, tea, coffee, yogurt, and seasonal vegetables. Actually, it’s pretty basic, but they tasted wonderful. That’s what’s important!

Orsino serving Breakfast

Another thing I liked about breakfast time at this accommodation in Siena is that it was served by Orsino who was so friendly and helpful. He greeted each one of the guests and asked politely whether we needed something else that morning. That made us feel important and cuddled. It is a great way to start a new day, isn’t it?

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Agriturismo Podere La Strega: Wedding venue in Siena.

Villa For Wedding Venues

Podere la Strega’s estate also features a beautiful Villa with a pool on its property for wedding venues. So, if you are the kind of person who is dreaming of getting married in Siena, then I’m telling you, there is no better place than this wedding venue in Siena. The unique and beautiful location of its Villa will grant life-long memories both for you and your guests. There is a small chapel inside the compound which you can use for your religious wedding ceremony.

Know also that when celebrating the reception there, you and your friends can sleep in the various bedrooms that can accommodate up to 30 guests.

As you can imagine, it is an ideal place for any type of photography.

Final Thoughts on Agriturismo Podere La Strega.

Garden area

We were pleased with our stay in Podere La Strega during our 3 days in Siena. Property and room were nice, well presented, and clean. Staff was polite and accommodating. Shower was good, and the breakfast buffet was to our liking. Some of the other amenities provided by the Podere La Strega that we truly appreciated included mini bar, daily room service, laundry, and ironing services. Also, within the hotel premises there’s a parking lot.

*DISCLAIMER: Thanks to “Podere La strega” for sponsoring my stay! Although, I was a guest, all opinions are my own.

So, summing up, if you are looking for a magical place to stay in Siena, offering something more than a traditional Tuscan “Agriturismo” with swimming pool, then “Podere La Strega” may be the right choice. It definitely goes on my list of best places to stay in Italy.

Like Villa Le Fontanelle in Florence, Borgo Antichi Orti in Assisi, La Dolce Mela in Trento, Palazzo Blanco in Ortigia I consider Podere La Strega in Siena as one of the best places I have stayed.

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