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December 4, 2023Niry Fidelis
Visiting Trapani, Marsala and Mazara del Vallo

Before diving into this beautiful B&B called “Giardino del Mare,” a place where we stayed in Trapani, let me give you a a quick look at the reason why exploring the west area of Sicily is worth it.

Visiting Trapani, Marsala, and Mazara del Vallo, all cities located in the western part of Sicily, provides visitors with a unique experience due to their cultural diversity, coastal beauty, natural landscapes, wide wine selection, and gastronomic delights. This area of Sicily in fact offers something different from the rest of the region so that over time it has been able to create a different type of tourism from the rest of Sicily. I mean it is a great destination for travelers seeking a unique and authentic experience.

Now, returning to our topic, “where to stay while visiting Trapani, Marsala, and Mazara del Vallo,” I’d advise you to consider those characteristic places that help you feel even more the true identity of this area since it definitely adds value to your visit.

As for us, during our visit to Trapani, Marsala, and Mazara del Vallo, we stayed seven days in a place called “Giardino del Mare.” It is a B&B set in a context which in Sicily is called “baglio.” Precisely in the Baglio Spanò.

Physical address: Via Torrazza, 3, 91020 Petrosino, Trapani.

What is a Baglio in Sicily.

Baglio Spanò

In Sicily, a “baglio” refers to a traditional rural courtyard or farmhouse that is typically enclosed by high walls. Baglios are unique architectural structures that have historical significance in the region. Originally built as fortified farmsteads, baglios served as self-sufficient agricultural complexes where various activities such as farming, winemaking, and animal husbandry took place.

Baglios typically feature a central courtyard surrounded by buildings including living quarters, stables, storage areas, and sometimes a chapel. The high walls provided protection from external threats and created a sense of privacy for the inhabitants. The architecture of baglios often reflects the influences of different cultures that have shaped Sicily over the centuries, such as Arab, Norman, and Spanish.

These courtyards often feature decorative elements like fountains, plants, and intricate tile work, creating a serene and visually appealing atmosphere.

Today, many baglios have been converted into charming accommodations, restaurants, or wineries, offering visitors a glimpse into Sicilian rural life and a chance to experience the region’s cultural heritage.

This is why while visiting Trapani, Marsala, and Mazara del Valle, it’s definitely worth it to stay in a baglio. It truly allows visitors to experience the charm and beauty of this architectural tradition.

Let’s specifically talk about “Giardino del Mare”

I recently had the pleasure of staying a week in Trapani. We stayed at “Giardino del Mare” in Petrosino, Trapani and I must say it was a delightful experience. Nestled in the picturesque countryside, this charming bed and breakfast offers a tranquil escape for nature lovers and those seeking a peaceful retreat.

Upon arrival, we were greeted by the warm and friendly owner Vito Lombardo. He immediately made us feel the real Sicilian atmosphere. As I already told you this B&B is set in a baglio so it goes without saying that it exudes a rustic charm, with its beautiful architecture and well-maintained gardens.

The six rooms at Giardino del Mare are spacious, tastefully decorated, and equipped with all the necessary amenities for a comfortable stay.

Its decor perfectly blends traditional elements with modern comforts, creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere.

The bed was incredibly comfortable (I must say it), ensuring a restful night’s sleep.

One of the highlights of my stay was the breakfast served each morning with locally sourced ingredients. The staff was attentive and accommodating, catering to any dietary preferences or restrictions (ask them upon your reservation).

What I particularly enjoyed were the stunning views of the surrounding countryside, which added to the overall serenity of the place.

The location of “Giardino del Mare” is indeed ideal for nature lovers and those seeking a peaceful retreat. There are plenty of scenic walking trails nearby, allowing guests to explore the breathtaking countryside at their own pace.

Additionally, the B&B is conveniently located within driving distance of charming villages and historical sites, providing ample opportunities for day trips and exploration.

In conclusion, “Giardino del Mare” offers a charming and idyllic retreat in the countryside. From the warm hospitality to the serene surroundings, it is an ideal choice for those seeking a peaceful getaway.

Giardino del Mare, services.

The cleanliness, hospitality and amenities provided at this traditional rural courtyard in Trapani contribute obviously to a positive experience for a farm stay.  Now I’d like to tell you all about the activities available that you definitely don’t want to miss.

QUAD BIKING IN TRAPANI Giardino del Mare offers a variety of outdoor activities to choose from, including quad biking. After my enjoyable quad biking experience in Tenerife back in 2021, I have developed a strong preference for this activity as it allows me to discover the most hidden places of the country.

Quad biking in Trapani, in the western part of Sicily, offered nothing less. It was an exhilarating and adventurous experience that allowed us to explore the region’s beautiful landscapes and countryside.

At this country house in Trapani, there are several quad biking experiences available, such as morning rides, sunset rides with aperitifs, sunset rides with aperitifs and dinner, and more. The quad biking trips are guided by the owner of Giardino del Mare, Vito, who has very little knowledge of English, but still he is proficient in managing everything with the assistance of Google Translate.

Providing you with the necessary equipment and guidance for a safe and enjoyable ride, Vito will make this trip absoltely memorable.

Before confirming your quad biking trip in the countryside of Trapani, ensure that you have the required licenses or permits, if applicable.

Additionally, consider factors such as weather conditions and your own physical capabilities before engaging in quad biking activities.

HOT TUB TERRACE APERITIF A hot tub terrace aperitif with an amazing view over the countryside which ends on the Mediterranean Sea is such a delightful and relaxing experience. It provides an opportunity to unwind, soak in the warm water, and savor a beverage while enjoying the surrounding views. Whether you’re relishing the hot tub terrace aperitif alone or with friends, it creates a pleasant atmosphere.

In short it adds an extra level of luxury and comfort to your visit to Trapani, Marsala, and Mazara.

OUTDOOR YOGA CLASSES As you might imagine, outdoor yoga classes in a farmhouse in Sicily can only offer a serene experience. Practicing yoga amidst the beautiful countryside and natural surroundings enhance the sense of tranquility and the connection with nature. The yoga classes at Giardino del Mare in Trapani are led by the owner’s life partner who, by the way, is a psychotherapist 🧐.

She guides the participants through various yoga poses and breathing exercises.

Yoga mats or any needed items are provided by them.

Check out the official web page of Giardino del Mare to find out more details on the above mentioned services and prices.

Well, these are the three main activities that I really wanted to tell you about. But I also want you to know that the owners are very courteous, always ready to understand and accommodate any of your special requests. At Giardino del Mare, they can even arrange lunch and dinner upon your request. So, you don’t have to worry about a thing, they will arrange everything for you.

Remaining on the topic of services, it must be said that the Wi-Fi connection was occasionally spotty, probably since it’s in a somewhat isolated area, which may be a concern for those who rely heavily on internet access. It was anyways enough to contact the reception to restart it.

How far is Giardino del Mare from some main attractions?

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Mazara Del Vallo 11 km

Marsala  17 km

Florio Winery and Wine tasting 15 KM

Salt Extraction Ettore e Infersa 26 KM

Trapani 45 KM

Erice 70 KM

Temple of Segesta 85 KM

Stair of the Turks 115 KM

Visiting Trapani, Marsala, and Mazara del Vallo.

People should visit the western part of Sicily for various reasons. This area is known for its rich history, cultural heritage, stunning architecture, picturesque landscapes, natural beauty, culinary delights, and wide wine selection.

Additionally, this area is famous for its salt pans, where visitors can witness the traditional salt harvesting process and enjoy breathtaking views.

The city of Trapani moreover, also serves as a gateway to the nearby Egadi Islands, which are renowned for their crystal-clear waters and pristine beaches.

In Summery…

Visiting Trapani, Marsala, and Mazara del Vallo is a wonderful opportunity, especially for those who love off the beaten path places that preserve natural beauty and local traditions.  

And if you like to be off the beaten path and experience local traditions, then sleeping in a baglio can only enrich your holiday in Sicily. I mean staying in Giardino del Mare in Trapani not only allows you to experience the charm and beauty of this architectural tradition but it also truly allows you to immerse yourself in the rustic ambiance, enjoy local cuisine, and explore the surrounding countryside.

What are you waiting for? Take a look at their page on

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