Maternity photo shoot in Saree.

June 3, 2024Niry Fidelis
MAternity Photo Shoot in saree

Photographer: Paolo Pugnaghi.

Go on the net and search for “maternity photo shoot in saree”. What you find are all from the same mold. Mmmm, I didn’t want mine like that, so I tried to do my own version.

Showing your pregnancy bump this way is definitely frowned upon by those who for tradition wear this amazing clothing. Expecially by tamils and definitely those from Jaffna...
Forgive me for this guys, I couldn’t help myself this time! I know that some would say that showing the pregnant belly is bad luck for me and the baby. Mmm… right now it’s very hard for me to accept that as true. I believe in God and I’m only afraid of him because for me he is the only one who can change our lives at any moment.

Saree is the most ancient clothing, and it can be traced back to 5 millennium BC. It is still in existence and in fashion and it has a power to tell you the stories of the women who wear them. These three details should already tell you so much about a saree, right? This is one of the main reasons why I badly wanted a maternity photo shoot in saree.

So getting back to us, I didn’t follow all the rules but I’m sure that by giving my version, I respected the style so that I could make this maternity photo shoot in saree very graceful.

To continue, let me tell you why I badly wanted a maternity photo shoot in saree. But even before that, I also want to tell you what the saree is. Yes. Because not everyone, even those defining themselves as great travellers, know what it is.

And many others simply say “yes, it is what the Indian women wear.”Nope, when talking about a saree, you can’t stop there!

What is a saree?

A saree is a female garment of the Indian subcontinent that consists of a single unstitched rectangular piece with a length varying from 6 to 9 metres and a width around 1.20 metres. 

The saree is a form of ethnic wear in many countries: India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh, and Pakistan. And therefore, it can be draped in various styles depending on the country and caste.

In any case, the saree is widely regarded as a symbol of grace in any of the countries mentioned above. In fact, I strongly believe that it always makes every woman stand out in the crowd.

This is another reason why I badly wanted a maternity photoshoot in saree.

How to wrap a saree?

Maternity Photo Shoot

As I said in my previous section called “What is a saree,” we are talking about a single unstitched rectangular piece of cloth and being so, you need to wrap it up. And, depending on the caste and the country, sarees are draped in various styles. 

I can’t list them all here because I do not know them all in detail. But I can tell you about the most common way to drape up a saree. It is called Nivi Drape and it is widely used by everyone in everyday life and feasts. This is the only one that I know, too.

Let me try to give you a very quick idea about it here below so that you can also consider a maternity photo shoot in Saree.

A thing that must be said right away is that Nivi style needs two undergarments without which the saree cannot be worn: long underskirt and a tight blouse.

In this style, one corner of the saree is tucked into the underskirt at the waist and the rest is used to wrap around the body.

After one turn around the body, it is then carefully pleated and tucked into the front, while the remainder of the fabric is thrown over the left shoulder. This piece left behind following from the shoulder is called “pallu.”

Unless we are talking about a plain saree, the pallu is the fanciest part of the saree, which means that it is commonly different from the rest of the saree itself.

I think I probably didn’t explain myself very well. Believe me, it is not that easy.

If you are really interested in learning to wear a saree, I suggest that you take a look at Tia Bhuva’s youtube channel. Here is a link to her Nivi Style Saree draping. She also has a maternity version. I often watch her videos to learn new ideas about draping a saree.

Well, even once you’ve watched the video, you will see that wrapping it up is really very hard. And let’s imagine that you somehow managed to wear it but that doesn’t mean that you are able to express the cultural concept behind it. This is one of the other reasons why I badly wanted a maternity photo shoot in saree. Because I know what wearing a saree culturaly means and how to express its grace. This is thanks to my Grandma (dad’s mother) who I think had at least a thousand sarees. Or rather, I have never seen her wearing the same saree twice.

How much does a saree cost?

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I haven’t been to Nepal, Bangladesh, or Pakistan, so I’m not able to give you the exact saree prices in these countries, but if anyone ever asks me for a good place to buy a saree I will definitely say India. I have been to India more than ten times and I have seen here sarees for everyone’s taste and pocket. Just to give you a clear idea I can say that prices go from 5 or 6 Euros to millions and millions of Euros.

The Ambani family, for example, spent Rs 17 crore (crore is part of the Indian number system) for their son’s future wife for her wedding engagement saree. It is the same as 170 million rupies which means …. OH MY GOSH! I’ve already lost the calculation… Ok, let’s forget about the Ambani’s saree.

I just wanted to tell you that saree costs can reach an infinite amount and it depends on several factors: material, the quality of fabric, intricacy of design, brand reputation, embellishments used and so on and on. You should also know that some sarees are hand-embroidered with gold or silver thread. This makes the saree even more special and expensive.

If you ask me what kind of saree do I like, well, don’t think I’d say the expensive ones. Normally I like the simple ones because they are easy to wrap on and they easily follow the shape of the body. That’s exactly why sometimes I even prefer the plain ones. I’m able to go to an important party with a saree that costs only € 40.00.

Well, if I find myself giving advice, I’d say to focus on a fancy blouse rather than on a decorated saree in order to keep yourself light and and less bulky.

Now, this is another reason why you can consider trying a maternity photo shoot in saree. With a little amount of money, you can give the impression of a very high quality class. Isn’t that the best?

Last reason why I wanted a maternity photo shoot in saree.

When I was growing up, despite having Sri Lankan parents I was not given a chance to learn enough about that culture (see my video here). This has been a huge lack in my life. If it wasn’t for me deciding at one point to know more about my roots, I’d have always missed something.

I don’t want this for my daughter. I want to give her a clear idea of who her grandparents are, who her mum is, what Jaffna is, what being a tamil means and so on. Obviously she won’t be forced to decide on which side to stand but she will be given a complete idea of herself.

I think this maternity photo shoot in saree is a good start.

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