Hi, thank you for visiting my page. This is my personal blog filled with various travel information, in fact I'm here not only to share my travel experiences, but improving my language skills is my main goal (as I absolutely need it for my job). I'm an ordinary person living in Italy where English is still not enough known so I thought blogging could be a good option to improve myself. Any advice or constructive criticism is welcomed. The second reason for what I'm here is I do believe that most of the times, our personal experiences can help others more than a printed guide books. My boyfriend is in charge to support me and to help me out with his photos. Al the photos here are ours and please don't forget to leave credits in case you use them. Photography has a big part in my life, not only they allow me to share my experience but specially they let me capture moments in time so I can look back on them years down the road and remember those special moments. Sponsors are warmly welcomed, in case you want to showcase your products to our audience, please feel free to contact me at mewithmysuitcase@gmail.com

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