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Did you know that being online is the only way to meet your customers nowadays?
Advertise on my website for more exposure or hire me to promote you… Invite me to your place and LET ME WRITE ABOUT MY EXPERIENCE WITH YOU! Believe me, There is NO BETTER AND AUTHENTIC WAY to promote your business today! Remember that you need an online presence to remain competitive and internet plays the most important role in social development and technological progress.  

I'm also available for collaboration and advertising in the travel industry. I'm always interested to explore new places and experience adventures to share them with my readers. I look forward to publish exciting stories, reviews of the places I stayed and to share stunning photos. (all the images on this blog tagged Me With My Suitcase are taken by myself).


My travel blog is viewed all around the globe and reaches on average about 40,000 monthly page views. It is well connected to all the social Media which are updated steadily.

Top 5 visitors of my blog are United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Italy and Israel.


These are my favourite jobs. I love to eat, I love to sleep and I love to travel. You just opened a new hotel or restaurant or you need some promotion in general? We provide services all around the world. 

I can offer:   

  • Destination promoting 
  • Hotel/hotel reviews
  • Airlines reviews
  • A day or Multi-Day trips/tours
  • Restaurant reviews
  • Adventure activities  
  • brand collaborations

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Make it work online and take action, develop your online presence starting from today itself! Let the world know you are there! For all advertising and PR inquiries, contact me at

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