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If you are interested in promoting your business through Me With My Suitcase Blog please direct your business or collaboration inquiry to

Our team is ready to work with brands, hotels, restaurants, and any other travel related activity all around the world. Through reviews, videos, photos, articles, and social media exposure we present brands to their audience in an authentic and engaging way. Special rates to Modena and Reggio Emilia and totally free of charge for my native city of Jaffna.


I can offer:

· Destination promotion

· Hotel/hotel reviews

· Airline reviews

· Day or Multi-Day trips/tours

· Restaurant reviews

· Adventure activities

· Brand collaborations

. Banner Ads on Posts


My travel blog is viewed all around the globe and it is well connected to all social media which are updated regularly.

Top 5 visitors of my blog are United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Italy and Israel.

So, did you just open a new hotel or restaurant? Do you need some fresh promotion in general? I provide services all around the world. Invite me to your place and LET ME WRITE ABOUT MY EXPERIENCE WITH YOU! Believe me, there is NO BETTER AND MORE AUTHENTIC WAY to promote your business today! Remember that you need an online presence to remain competitive and internet plays the most important role in social development and technological progress. Let the world know you are there!

Come on, make it work online and take action, develop your online presence starting from today itself!

For all advertising and PR inquiries, contact me at


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Grazie mille Niry, è veramente al di sopra di ogni aspettativa, grazie ancora.

Ilaria Owner Villa Le Fontanelle, Florence January 21, 2020

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Bellissimo.. ti ringrazio

Eniz Manager Cà del Rio Resort, Modena July 7, 2020

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Grazie Niry per aver capito lo “spirito della Francesca”!Anche in soli due giorni avete saputo cogliere - e documentare con foto e video - le caratteristiche di questo luogo unico che da quasi 60 anni affascina gli amanti della natura, del mare, del silenzio e della quiete…

Marco De Poli Owner La Francesca Resort July 18, 2020

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E' bellissimo il modo in cui ti attingi in struttura dal momento della prenotazione allo sguardo verso i dettagli che poni dal primo momento in cui arrivi.

Il modo di raccontare la tua esperienza con video, foto è molto elegante e reale. Mi sono subito ritrovata nel tuo racconto.

Ti ringrazio per averci selezionati. Ti ringrazio tantissimo.

Enrica Landrini Manager Borgo Antichi Orti Assisi November 8, 2020

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