11 January 2019

Ecolodge Camp du Dèsert, Senegal

Désert de Lompoul, Senegal

Forget the 5-star accommodation and try the million-star experience.

Camp Du Désert tents

I always search for something different in each my travel plans; that something which could last forever in my life. Then here comes our stay in an extraordinary place, in fact, while planning our visit to the Lompoul desert in Senegal, we decided to sleep in a tent at the starting point of the desert. 

Camp Du Désert Red Truck

Lompoul is a small village located halfway from Dakar to San Louis. We started in Dakar and our taxi driver left us at the main street from where the guys of the Hotel Camp du Dèsert, picked us up with their old red truck. In fact, you need a 4 wheel drive because the road to the Lompoul ecolodge slowly becomes more and sandier and full of dunes.

Camp Du Dèsert Handyman taking us to our tent

Sleeping here inside has been a memorable experience; we couldn't stop admiring the landscape especially after the sunset. (It was a full moon night). Anyway, we do not recommend it for more than a night since we are not more used to the absence of some important basic services it could be really very difficult. 

Bar Camp Du Dèsert

The prices seemed to be higher than other hotels in Senegal. In my opinion, an eco-structure can't absolutely have such a high price; the absence of basic commodities, such as water (they gave us a can of 50 litres) and toilet (very rustic) would have been justified by a cheaper price.  On the other side, I can also understand that for a country like Senegal which is still troubling to carry on, could be hard to give certain services in the desert.
Staff Camp Du Dèsert

Dinner has been prepared by the staff and it was delicious. I have to say that even without a bright light above us we have been able to handle the situation. It is like after a certain point your brain turns on and slowly you become smarter. No matter what problem they threw at us, we could find a solution though. 

vacanze in senegal sicurezza
Alessandro trying to remove the sand grains from his shoes

There were insects everywhere so don't forget to take the repellents with you. Even though worth a try: the full moon, the millions and millions of stars in the sky and the dunes of the dessert will make your stay absolutely unforgettable. Once in your life, leave the 5-star accommodation and try the million-star experience. Lompoul ecolodge is waiting for you!

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  1. This is exactly the experience that I am looking forward to next. Under the full moon or starry sky..in a tent..on the sand dunes. Who needs a 5 star hotel!!

  2. We like to try unusual places to stay sometimes. We slept in a wagon on the prairie once. I'll never for get that!

  3. What's the name of this in Lompoul village?

  4. I would love to experience this million star accommodation. Gazing through the stars at night with a special someone would be sweet and romantic.


  5. Tanya Korteling www.cantravelwilltravel.com

    This sounds like a wonderful unique experience, the high price may put me off a bit but sometimes you have to a pay a premium for a different experience.

  6. I love camping so this sort of accommodations would be even better! The night sky was beautiful I bet

  7. I too will prefer this million star experience.
    Nothing like being close to nature.

  8. I recall being in the desert in Rajasthan, waking up at 5 am and being completely bowled over by the show put out by the sky. Thumbs up to the million star experience - anyday !

  9. To be honest I'd prefer a million star experience too! I absolutely love to star gaze and would love to experience this once.

  10. We too have stayed in a camp at Nako and it was awesome. We were glaring at stars for hours and the snow covered peaks were shining in the full moon. Those memories are still etched in our heart.But we haven't experience the same in deserts and surely gonna try this too.

  11. Woah. Thanks for the tip! I would love to try it too! Traveling is more fun when we go out of our comfort zones.

  12. Haha a million star compared to 5 star!? Yes please!

  13. Sure!!! Id love to try million stars! Must be awesome and spectacular to camp out! Been wantinn to do this actually id prefer this to a luxury hotel one time!

  14. Wow! I would have never thought of going to Senegal but now I will have to consider it.


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