Lockers in Eindhoven railway station.

August 26, 2019Niry Fidelis

Have you ever  wanted to explore more around a city that you have just visited but forced to leave because of your luggage
and bags? It happened to me in Eindhoven!!!

Because of the particularity of its architecture, Eindhoven is in the list of 25 best towns and cities in the Netherlands so there were really plenty of things to do there! But our heavy backpacks….

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Lockers in Eindhoven

Many hotels have a “luggage room”  where you can leave your bags even after the check-out so that you can still go around before your scheduled departure. Even though, getting back to the hotel could be impractical because most of the time it is far from the train stations, bus stations or even airports. Sight-seeing for the last time therefore becomes uncomfortable if you have to take your bags with you.

Some cities, came-up with a solution to solve this small tourist dilemma. 

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Lockers in Eindhoven

Thanks to Ryanair low cost flight that have opened the gate to many interesting European cities, finally we could fly to Eindhoven, having Amsterdam as our final destination. Our lack of knowledge made us to reserve only one night in Eindhoven which was certainly not enough. In fact Eindhoven deserved much more but sadly having already paid our second night in Amsterdam we grudgingly had to leave the city the day after our arrival.

Our hotel in Eindhoven was right outside the city and after having checked-out we
went direct to the Eindhoven railway station with our luggage. We would have loved to stay more hours in Eindhoven but that was not possible because of the whole weight of our things. I had a backpack and Alessandro had a carry-on trolley so we had no choice if not to leave for Amsterdam immediately. 

When we were at the railway station, while trying to figure out how to manage, fortunately we saw the luggage lockers. Obviously that changed our plan on not to leave Eindhoven at that moment. 

Lockers in Eindhoven

The lockers were easy to use: We have chosen the biggest compartment available and put both our bags inside. To give you an idea the cost, the small size locker were € 6,00/ 24 hours and the big ones were €9,00/24 hours. Once finished filling-in the chosen the locker, we closed the door and went to the ticket vending machine terminal located just beside the lockers where the screen showed the number of the locker and it was just waiting for our payment. Once the door of the locker is closed we had 2 minutes to pay and get the issued tickets, otherwise the door will re-open and you must go back and close it again.

The screen showed the number of our locker and it was just waiting for our payment. Once the payment is done, the door got locked definitely and we received a card/receipt with all the details. When we returned back after some hours, we simply needed to scan the previously given card/receipt on the reader of the vending machine and our locker got immediately opened.

Some important tips while wanting to use the lockers in Eindhoven railway station:

  • They only accepted card payments in advance and the payment was for the 24 hour rental period.
  • If you store for less than 24hours you have to pay the full 24 hours fare, € 6.00 or € 9.00 depending on the size. The smaller one can store about 3 backpacks of 30/40 L. Note that prices may have changed, therefore it is always advisable to checked on the net the actual prices. 
  • Before paying be sure you have chosen the correct locker. If you wish to open it after you have paid you will need to rent a full new 24 hours and pay again the whole amount.
  • If the procedure doesn’t work as fast as I described here, change the locker because sometimes it could be damaged and it is useless insisting on the same one for minutes and minutes.
Lockers in Eindhoven

Storing our luggage in Eindhoven railway station has been a great help in our trip. This has given us the opportunity to tour a little bit more around the city. Luckily, more and more cities in Europe are adopting this brilliant solution. It really offers a valuable service to the tourist who have checked-out from the hotel but have late scheduled departure. 

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  • Neil Alvin Nicerio

    February 4, 2018 at 12:37 am

    Wow! That's a great and safe way to keep your stuff while you go exploring around. 🙂 It's a bit expensive when you compute it using peso though. It's around 500-600 Philippine peso. That is the amount of 3 full meals here. Hehehehe. 🙂

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