Guided cycling tour in Galle

February 5, 2024Niry Fidelis
Guided cycling tour in Galle

Are you travelling to Sri Lanka soon? Then…I guess you are working on your Sri Lankan itinerary, right? Cool, here is a unique and exhilarating adventure: a guided cycling tour in Galle!

It is not only about exploring one of the country’s most important historic and cultural cities, but cycling in Galle is also an exploring tour of culture, people, countryside landscapes, and hospitality.

In our case, we were holidaying in Mirissa. Well, yes; that time our Sri Lankan itinerary included seven days in Mirissa. It was kind of a Sri Lanka for lazy travellers trip and Mirissa is definitely an ideal base for these types of stays. We had already done almost all of the suggested activities, including whale watching in Mirissa. So, we decided to take this guided cycling tour in Galle.

Things to do in Galle

Well, for me one very important point of this one day cycle tour in Galle is that it is focused on local activities which are not involved in tourism. Doing this guided cycling tour in Galle, in fact, allowed us to experience not only its stunning landscapes, but also its rich culture, and the daily life of the locals. Let me say that this was a different experience on the south coast of Sri Lanka.

In this article, I’d like to tell you the various aspects of our guided cycle tour in Sri Lanka, highlighting the incredible experiences that we had.

Galle Cycle Tour in stages.

Guided cycling tour in Galle

Before we dive into this chapter, here are a few words about the company and the owner.

This cycle tour around Galle is organized by EuroLanka Travel, and the owner is Mr. Yusuf Mohamed. He speakes both the Sri Lankan languages, plus English. Since he focuses on showing you the real locals’ life, at the end of this cycling tour in Sri Lanka you will have learned something which is normally not seen in the touristy areas.

In short if you want an authentic look into Sri Lanka, then this is who you should reach out to! He truly wants to show the real Sri Lanka.

  1. Meeting point: The office of EuroLanka Travel is attached to the owner’s house which is in Galle. You are asked to be there at 9 am. You are then welcomed with a cup of Sri Lankan tea and with some homemade goodies. Even though the owner waits for all of the partecipants before staring the tour, I suggest that you be on time for two main reasons: It’s better to start the tour before the sun heats up, and since the rules of the tour are explained at the meeting point, if you are late then you may miss some important information. At this point your cycling tour starts and Mohamed will show you Galle and a few surrounding areas.
  2. Fool’s Canal.
  3. Naval Base.
  4. Kachchiwatta Purana vihara Buddhist worship and philosophy.
  5. Spice Arts – Sri Lankan home made spices.
  6. King Coconut break.
  7. Unawatuna Beach and after Tsunami speech.
  8. Mountain of Monkey.
  9. Kachiwatte Mosque.
  10. Local Lunch.
  11. Galle fish market.
  12. Galle Dutch Fort.

Well these were the stages of our Cycle tour in Galle. I guess they can change the order but the stages remain essentially these. Yet again I would like to highlight that this experience is addressed to those who want to go beyond tourism and see the locals’ everyday life.

Why Choose a Guided Cycle Tour in Galle?

Spice Garden Sri Lanka

For those who never thought of hopping on a cycling tour in Galle, here are some reasons why you must consider adding this adventure to your Sri Lankan itinerary:

  • It allows you to explore off-the-beaten-path destinations.
  • It provides an eco-friendly and sustainable mode of transportation.
  • It offers a more intimate and immersive experience compared to other modes of travel. You can even ask your guide to stop wherever you want.
  • It not only allows you to connect with nature, but also offers numerous health benefits. Pedaling through the scenic routes of Sri Lanka provides an excellent cardiovascular workout while you are enjoying the breathtaking surroundings. Additionally, cycling helps reduce stress, improve mental well-being, and boost overall fitness levels.

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Roast paan

What to Expect on a Guided Cycling Tour in Galle.

guided cycling tour in Sri Lanka

A guided cycling tour in Galle offers a comprehensive and hassle-free experience. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Expert local guide who is knowledgeable about the routes and attractions.
  • Opportunities to interact with locals and learn about their way of life.

Essential Tips for a Successful Guided Cycling Tour in Galle.

Unusual things to do in Mirissa
  1. Wear appropriate clothing, including lightweight and breathable attire.
  2. The cycle tour in Galle is not only on the plains or on the quiet country roads. So before booking the trip, make sure you can handle all the routes.
  3. Before the tour starts, ensure that the bicycles are well-maintained and suitable for various terrains.
  4. Carry essential items such as sunscreen, insect repellent, and a couple of patches.
  5. Stay hydrated by carrying a water bottle and replenishing it regularly.
  6. Comfort is essential in pedaling. It takes only a split second of inattention to trip on a stone, fall down, and hurt yourself. So I recommend wearing comfortable shoes since they help you to balance better. (we didn’t do this… 😔 )
  7. Carry a backpack instead of a purse to get the benefit of always having your hands free.
  8. Embrace the spirit of adventure and immerse yourself in the beauty of Sri Lanka.

Final Thoughts.

guided cycling tour in Sri Lanka

* Disclaimer: This awesome, free article contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase after clicking one of these links, I earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. No pressure to use these links, but I really appreciate it when you do!

Embarking on a guided cycling tour in Sri Lanka is an extraordinary way to discover the country’s hidden gems. Pedaling through its diverse landscapes, encountering friendly locals, and indulging in the rich cultural heritage ensures an unforgettable experience.

To which is added the kindness, patience and helpfulness of the owners. It certainly helped make our trip even more enjoyable.

So gear up, hop on a bicycle, and get ready to create lifelong memories in this tropical paradise.

And… If you have any questions about the guided cycling tour in Galle, please feel free to ask a question in the comment section below. 

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