The Ultimate 10 day Sri Lanka Itinerary for the lazy traveller

November 15, 2021Niry Fidelis
Sri Lankan stilt fishermen

What kind of traveller are you? I can be a beach lover, an active hiker, a thrill seeker or whatever… You can even leave me alone in the middle of nowhere and I will still be able to enjoy my vacation. Of course I have my preferences, but I’m really very unpretentious.

And you? What about you? What kind of traveller are you? I’m going to dedicate today’s post to the lazy travellers. Those who – because of their current mood or because of their personality, and why not, maybe even because of their age, are seeking a comfortable vacation without running and running.

10 day Sri Lanka itinerary

In this “The Ultimate 10 day Sri Lanka Itinerary for the lazy traveller,” I’ll list for you a couple of cities where in addition to the fact that you won’t go too far out of your comfort zone, you will also be able to get a taste of the country’s culture (even though they are among the most touristy cities in Sri Lanka).

Sri Lanka is a beautiful country and at every step there is a wonder. So even if you are a lazy traveller looking for a quiet holiday, in this Ultimate 10 day Sri Lanka Itinerary for lazy travellers you will still be able to visit pretty enough of the beautiful places in Sri Lanka.

Arrival at the Bandaranaike International Airport in Katunayake.

Sri Lanka is well connected by public transportation, but since we are talking about the 10 day Sri Lanka Itinerary for the lazy traveller, what you can do upon your arrival to the country is decide whether to take a taxi or rent a car if you think you are smart enough to drive yourself.

Remember that google maps reasons in the western way; this means that it will never be able to give you the correct drive times while in Sri Lanka.

DAY 1-2 Colombo

10 day sri lanka itinerary

Colombo is a chaotic city, but since it’s the capital of Sri Lanka, even a lazy traveller looking for a quiet holiday should spend a couple of days in Colombo.I suggest that you stay by the Galle Face beach area.

 It is a place where old and new, modern and traditional, blend seamlessly to deliver a pleasant surprise of a getaway. 

DAY 3 Kalawana

Located in the southwest area of Sri Lanka, Kalawana is close to one of the country’s outstanding forests: Sinharaja Rain Forest. Spanning an area of 21,900 acres, Sinharaja Rain Forest in Sri Lanka is one of the last remaining virgin forests in the world. This beautiful UNESCO World Heritage Site preserves many different rare species of flora and fauna.

There are three entrances to the park, each offering different experiences to visitors: the Kudawa entrance, which is the main and most used, the Pitadeniya entrance, and the least-used Morning Side entrance.

Sinharaja Forest is also rich in insects and reptiles, so if you have a phobia, choose among the other relaxing activities in Kalawana. Or, you could simply add a day more to your next stop instead.

DAY 4-5-6 Mirissa

Where to go in Sri Lanka

Mirissa is one of the most popular beach destinations in southern Sri Lanka and for a good reason! I never fail to visit Mirissa whenever I go to Sri Lanka because it really has it all. From its turtle farms and infinite marine activities such as whale watching in Mirissa to the surrounding beautiful towns there are plenty of things to do in Mirissa.

On the other hand, it also offers tranquillity and calm. Eating delicious food or having a drink in one of those typical beachfront restaurants is among my favourite things to do in Mirissa. Three days is the perfect amount of time to stay in Mirissa but believe me, you can spend even a week in Mirissa without ever getting bored. It is for me, one of the best beaches in Sri Lanka!!! ❤️❤️❤️

DAY 7-8 Unawatuna

It is another beach town that should not be missed in this “The Ultimate 10 day Sri Lanka Itinerary for lazy travellers.” Unawatuna has a great number of activities, but what I most love doing here is spending time shopping in the many little typical boutiques and market stalls that pop up all around this town. After all, this is definitely great before you head back home again.

Don’t fail to visit Galle while being based in Unawatuna.

DAY 9-10 Negombo.

It’s a perfect town to spend the last days of your Sri Lankan holidays.

Compared to the other cities we talked about so far which were Buddhist, Negombo is a Catholic city so here you will get a different point of view of the country. And also it is very close to the Katunayake International airport. Among the many things to do in Negombo, I suggest that you take a boat trip on the Hamilton canal-lagoon. It is so lovely, especially during the sunset.

Things to do in Sri Lanka

Now, don’t worry if you are not going to see all the other beautiful cities of Sri Lanka. This “The Ultimate 10 day Sri Lanka Itinerary for the lazy traveller” blog post gives travellers a great range of options to choose from without too much hustle and bustle. And, at the same time, it brings together some of Sri Lanka’s important cities where nature, urban life, delicious food, culture, tradition, history, and religion are well expressed.

More Sri Lanka Itinerary? Looking for more inspiration for your trip to Sri Lanka? Check out this The perfect no rush 10 day Sri Lanka Itinerary, with walking tours, cultural journeys, and best-of trips to hit the highlights.

Or describe your own trip to Sri Lanka in the comment box here below.

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