Off-roading Quad Biking in Tenerife with Quad Safari Tenerife.

November 22, 2021Niry Fidelis
quad biking in Tenerife

In my last post, I was thinking about what kind of travellers people can be and I dedicated that post to lazy travellers. I mean, those who want to get to know a country without too much effort. This post about the off-road quad biking in Tenerife is totally different since it is addressed to those looking to add a bit of thrill to their vacation days. So, if you’re an adventurous person and like outdoor activities, then keep on reading.

I’ve had a couple of off-roading experiences in the past and I truly loved them. Both the “Day Trip from Marrakesh to Agafay Desert by Jeep” and “Wadi Rum Jeep Tour” were unique and unforgettable. Getting off the beaten path and experiencing the unspoiled landscapes blew me away. This is why I didn’t think twice about adding a quad biking experience to our things to do in Tenerife. I knew it would definitely be a positive experience even though I’ve never tried a quad before.

Ready to hit some trails or go mudding? Then let’s go! I’ll tell you all about our off-road quad experience in Tenerife with Quad Safari Tenerife.

Where we booked our quad biking adventure in Tenerife

There are so many online possibilities for booking a quad bike adventure, but in our case since we didn’t want any fixed plans before our arrival in Tenerife, we didn’t go for these options. Instead, we bought the “Forest Explorer Tour” from one of those excursions dealers along the Las Americas beachside. There are plenty of them along the coastal area in Las Americas and Los Cristianos so we just investigated them one by one and finally selected the one who gave us the best price. It was with Quad Safari Tenerife.

I don’t know why, but at that time it didn’t occur to me to check out the seller directly. I later found out that I would have paid 25% less.

How long does the quad biking adventure in Tenerife last

There are many different quad biking options in Tenerife and the duration of the trip depends on what you choose. Quad Safari Tenerife had three different quad trips: “Teide Tour,” “Forest Explorer,” and “Rocky Trail.” We did the Forest Explorer one (Forestal). The ride itself takes about 2 and a half hours but the entire trip can last around 4 hours.

Let me explain that better.

Quad off-roading, even though it sounds easy, requires more than turning the handlebar. Knowledge on how to drive a quad is not that obvious. Anyone new to quad biking should first learn some basics. This is why you are asked to arrive at the starting point a couple of hours before the trip starts.

You’ll be given some important information along with some quad driving lessons. One by one, drivers are asked to try the vehicle until they feel comfortable on it. Even though quad bike handling is not complicated, it requires skill and practice. This takes a fair amount of time but it’s really useful. After this you will finally be ready for your off road Tenerife experience.

What you need to know for a quad biking tour in Tenerife

  • The first most important thing to know for quad driving in Tenerife is that a driver license category B is required. So if you don’t have that, don’t even buy this excursion.
  • Helmets are required and are provided on site.
  • During the entire journey you are asked to keep in a straight line, one by one, keeping at least 3 meters from one quad to another.
  • I suggest that you wear comfortable clothes. I saw girls with skirts and evening dresses. They probably dressed like that for photos, but it’s not worth it, really. You don’t want your day of fun to be ruined because of the uncomfortable clothes. Rather wear some clothes that can get dirty, since you are going to an off-road trip.
  • Sunglasses help a lot, especially when you enter the unpaved road.
  • Quad biking is one of the most in-demand activities in Tenerife, so if you care to do it, book in advance.
  • Take a bottle of water with you. As you can imagine, it is quite impossible to stop to buy a bottle of water.
  • Pick-up and drop-off to the main tourist areas are provided, but I highly recommend that you use your own vehicle if you have one. You don’t want to waste too much time on waiting, especially once the quad trip has ended.

Forest Explorer Quad Tour with Quad Safari Tenerife

So, once your quad driving ability is demonstrated and they are sure that you can now drive safely, you are finally taken to the street. Normally two guides will lead you through the experience: one will stay at the head of the line and the other one goes around and around to check the traffic and to take photos and videos. Slowly you are taken to the off-road area where you can finally let off some steam.

A couple of breaks to rest your legs and get some nice pictures are granted during the quad driving experience with Quad Safari Tenerife. And guides will help you with photos and videos if you want some taken. As I already wrote, Forestal Quad Biking Trip lasts around 2 and a half hours.

Once you get back to base, you can buy the photos and the video.

Photography during Quad Biking Trip in Tenerife with Quad Safari Tenerife

During the entire adventure, one of the instructors takes photos and videos of you which are then sold. If you want them on a pen drive it cost € 35.00, but if you ask them to send them by e-mail (we-transfer) then a discount of € 5.00 is applied. The pictures are a little bit extra but are easily worth it.

Know that they use a normal compact camera so don’t expect high quality. I’m making this point because you know how much I love photography and this time I focused on videos and left aside the photography. But then I regretted doing so.

In any case, the photos you see here are all from the guides. As you can see, they are ok. What I mean is if you care a lot, make some good clicks during the breaks because you won’t be able to use your camera or cell phone while on the move.

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Why Quad Biking in Tenerife

The most important reason that makes Quad Biking in Tenerife amazing is the landscape. Tenerife, even though it’s a small island, has a vast chain of rolling hills and plains, as well as a volcano and the ocean.

This variety of landscape will give you a wide range of beautiful views in a very short time. Moreover, as you already know, quad bikes are essentially designed for off-road use, so they can get to those places which are normally out of tourists’ reach.

What to expect from Forest Explorer Quad Tour with Quad Safari Tenerife

Everything about this quad excursion in Tenerife was great! Both the guides were super friendly and capable.

In short, I would say that it is absolutely worth the time and money and I definitely recommend this excursion if you are looking for something unusual to do in Tenerife!

A day of off-roading on trails or in rural terrain in Tenerife is definitely an enjoyable way to spend time and explore.

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