Montegabbione – Accommodation Review, Podere Le Olle

October 11, 2021Niry Fidelis

Are you having a road trip in Umbria? Road tripping along the Umbrian Hills in Italy is just another unique experience that offers a variety of things to do.

Like many other Italian regions, Umbria is rich in nature, history, art, culture, food, and religious tradition. But on the other hand, unlike all the other Italian regions, I consider Umbria a little bit unusual. Consequently, those who decide to road trip in Umbria are also seeking something different.

To me personally, Umbria transmits serenity and tranquillity. I mean it gives me the feeling of a wonderful sense of peace. It is a region where you just go and relax; doing what you want to do without running too much. And I do believe that this feeling is not only mine. Judging from all the farmhouses I saw in Umbria lost in the middle of nowhere, I think that those who decide to road trip in Umbria are usually looking for this kind of holiday. They are first of all seeking calmness.

And it is perhaps for this reason that Umbria offers a wide selection of farmhouse and country house accommodations for any taste. To be honest, I would suggest to not miss this experience while on your road trip in Umbria.

In any case, if you have landed on this page I guess you are planning a road trip in Umbria and you are looking for a country house accommodation lost among the Umbrian Hills.

Then you should definitely take a look at this beautiful B&B called “Podere Le Olle,” the place where I stayed a couple of weeks ago.

Podere Le Olle: Location

Podere Le Olle is a country house accommodation located in a small Umbrian town called Montegabbione. Although it’s surrounded by the amazing Umbrian hills, Podere Le Olle is quite close to some of the best places to visit in Umbria. Only 15 KM from Città della Pieve and 36 KM from Orvieto, Podere Le Olle country house accommodation in Umbria represents a perfect B&B where one can reconnect with nature and relax. It is definitely a strategic location for those who want to stay far from the hustle and bustle during their road trip in Umbria.

Once you reach the end of the main road, you have to drive along a small unpaved road lined with cypress trees which will finally lead you to the property.

Inside the Podere Le Olle Country House.

There are about 9 rooms in the B&B and with the owners (Marina and Gianluca) living right at the property, Podere Le Olle country house accommodation in Umbria offers the best in terms of services.

The beautiful pool facing the Umbrian rolling hills is definitely its highlight. And the bar service at the pool or at the courtyard area was certainly one of the things that I appreciated a lot.

Among the online facilities there are also cooking classes held by Gianluca, which I didn’t try but I saw people taking part in his classes. After the lessons you can enjoy the meal you cooked in the hall in front of the fireplace during the winter or in the large outdoor space during the summer.

Upon request to the owners you can combine your stay with some other activities such as wine tasting, hiking tours and, bicycle tours.

One more interesting fact about the Podere Le Olle country house accommodation in Umbria is that they produce olive oil. If you happen to road trip in Umbria during the olive harvest season (which takes place normally in October), then you should consider staying in this B&B, since you have the possibility to experience the process which will make your road trip in Umbria even more authentic.

So, you can see Podere le Olle country house accommodation in Umbria is not short in amenities. I’m sure you won’t get bored here.

Remember that Wi-Fi works only in the hall area.

Inside the rooms of Podere Le Olle country house.

All the rooms at the Podere Le Olle country house accommodation in Umbria are very large and recently refurbished with functional furniture giving a pleasant welcome. All the windows have mosquito nets, and we never found a bug in our room. We appreciated this a lot because often when staying in places like these, I mean lost in the middle of nature, it’s easy to find mosquitos and bugs everywhere. It can be a very annoying thing.

There is no Wi-Fi connection or TV in the room. I’m thinking you are invited to enjoy the nature around. In our case it wasn’t that hard. We stayed here 4 days and we certainly cannot complain about the lack of these two things.

Nearby Attractions of Podere Le Olle country house.

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As I said earlier, there is no dearth of things to do around Podere Le Olle. Orvieto, Montepulciano, città Della Pieve, are all nearby cities that offer countless activities. We visited 3 different cities in 3 days while staying based at Podere Le Olle country house accommodation in Umbria. The guests staying next to our room went to play tennis in the town. Some others went cycling. In short when we happened to meet in the evening, we always had so much to tell each other.

Where to eat while staying at Podere Le Olle country house.

Unless you are participating in one of their cooking classes and so you’ve cooked your food yourself, you need to drive a couple of minutes to reach any of the restaurants in the area. There are so many good ones and among them I suggest you try the Locanda Di Desideria. They serve high quality Umbrian/ Tuscan food.

* DISCLAIMER: Thanks to “Podere Le Olle” for sponsoring my stay! Although, I was a guest, all opinions are my own.

So, if you’re in the planning stage for your own road trip in Umbria and looking for a country house accommodation then I hope this post helps you. I do believe that a country house stay is something that you should try when you decide to visit Umbria since it completes your Umbrian travel experience.

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