Saturnia Hot Springs, Tuscany

July 3, 2023Niry Fidelis
Saturnia Hot Springs

Are there hot springs in Italy?

Yes, there are. And one of the best hot springs in Italy is for sure Saturnia Hot Springs in Tuscany.

I know many plan to visit Tuscany. After all, it is one of the most popular tourist regions in Italy. But does your Tuscany itinerary include all this relaxation around a lot of nature and peace?

I’ll start off right away by saying that if you plan a Tuscany Road Trip, it’s definitely worth it to add Saturnia Hot Springs to your Tuscany Itinerary.

So, keep on reading to find out lots of hints before you go.

What is Saturnia Hot Springs?

Tuscany Itinerary

Saturnia Hot Springs, known in Italian as Terme di Saturnia or Cascate del Mulino, is one of the amazing wonders of the Tuscan countryside.

What’s it all about? Saturnia Hot Springs is a set of sulphurous thermal springs where the water flows at a constant temperature of 37.5° C. The rich minerals from the thermal springs are known for their healing effects and the pleasant temperature of its waters, which has made the locals (and not just locals) visit it for a very long time. We are talking about more than 3000 years!

The warm sulphurous waters of Saturnia were well-known by first the Etruscans and later the Romans.

To be honest there is another valid reason for why the Saturnia Hot Springs in Italy have always been well worth a stop for a soak: The springs are free to enter.  Yes, Saturnia has no admission cost, and they are open all year-round to the public.

How to get to Saturnia Hot Springs? Important!

Saturnia Hot Springs

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Located in the southern part of Tuscany in the small town of Manciano, just outside of Saturnia, this hot springs in Italy has no public transportation option. The only way to get there is by car. 

You also have to know that getting there can be a bit tricky. This happens for two main reasons.

First and foremost because it is often confused with a private wellness spa in the area which is called “Terme Di Saturnia.” It is a five-star spa resort secluded in 120 hectares of Tuscan countryside which focuses on natural wellbeing in everything you can experience there. It is a fabulous place of course, but we are not talking about it here. We are talking about the Saturnia Hot Springs which is open for everyone without any admission costs.

The second reason, which could also be connected to the first reason, is absence of clear indications. Let me clarify that better.

The Terme Di Saturnia wellness resort, of which we spoke earlier, has road signs and advertisement boards everywhere so people get a bit confused and tend to follow those. So, what you have to know is that you have to search for “Le Cascatelle di Saturnia.” This is how the locals identify the free Saturnia Hot Springs. Check for road signs indicating this. Again, there are only a few signs around and they are small, but they are there!

These are the two things you’ll need to know before planning your trip to one of the most beautiful hot springs in Italy.

That been said, let’s see how to put the address into your GPS:
Strada Provinciale di Follonata 58014 Manciano, Grosseto Italy OR You can look in maps for Cascate del Mulino.

Anyway, continue keeping a watchful eye out for the signs I mentioned earlier: Le Cascatelle di Saturnia.

Remember also that if you put just Saturnia into your GPS it will take you to the town of Saturnia which is not where the springs are.  They are located out in the countryside.

Saturnia Hot Springs

How far is Saturnia from some cities?

Saturnia is located 2.5 hours driving from Florence.

Saturnia is located 2 hours driving from Rome. 

Saturnia is located 4 hours driving from Modena.

Saturnia is located 2.5 hours driving from Assisi.

Saturnia is located 1.5 hours driving from Viterbo.

Saturnia is located 4.5 hours driving from San Marino.

Saturnia is located 5.5 hours driving from Venice.

Saturnia is located 6 hours driving from Milan.

Saturnia is located 6.5 hours driving from Turin.

Saturnia is located 5 hours driving from Verona.

Things to know about Saturnia Free Hot Springs

Saturnia Hot Springs
  • It is right to repeat this… The difference between Terme Di Saturnia Spa & Resort and Saturnia Hot Springs is a point that you always have to keep in mind.
  • What do you wear to Saturnia Hot Springs?  This hot spring is not clothing optional, so don’t forget a swimsuit.
  • The pools of thermal waters remain at a constant temperature of 37.5° C all year round. (The water is warm during the winter). This temperature is pretty much tolerated by all. I mean, when I visited the Blue Lagoon in Iceland, there were much hotter spots and you always had to pay attention to the movements and the signs. But here the temperature remains constant everywhere.
  • Don’t forget a towel.  You don’t want to catch a cold after getting out of hot water into cold air. Especially if we are talking about winter or fall! While you stay soaking in the warm water it is all very pleasant, but when you come out of the water the cold could bother you a lot.
  • Bring a waterproof case for your phone. If you want to take photos it’s worth having something waterproof to put the equipment in because besides the fact that it is easy for it to get wet, there is also some moisture in the air. Even a waterproof bag may be useful because you can keep your things somewhere nearby.
  • There are currently lockers at Saturnia Hot Springs so you can leave your things there. But I do need to say something about this. There aren’t enough lockers for the huge amount of people visiting the thermal pools every day, so many leave their belongings in their car. This is what we did too, because we stopped here during our drive back from Porto Ercole to our home city of Modena. If instead you are staying in a hotel nearby, consider leaving the items that you don’t really need in your hotel. I mean, do your best to bring minimal items.
Saturnia Hot springs
Saturnia Hot Springs
  • Before hopping into the Saturnia Hot Springs, consider removing your jewelery. Especially silver or gold imitations, since they will quickly tarnish due to the sulphur content in the pools.
  • There is a paid parking lot about 400m from the entrance of the springs, and a free one a bit farther away. No matter which solution you prefer, know that there is a short walk to the hot springs.
  • There is a restaurant by the entrance of Saturnia Hot Springs. But if you prefer having a fast lunch, there is a snack and drinks machine. If I’m not mistaken, there is also a pizza vending machine here. Well, I can’t tell if the pizza is good because I was not brave enough to try it. You could even bring a picnic lunch and enjoy it somewhere in the vicinity of the pools.
  • There is also a small shop that sells water shoes, towels, and sunscreen if you need it.  
Tuscany Itinerary
  • There are small red worms in the water. They are called Saturnino chiromonus. They are harmless, so you can rest assured.
  • The water shoes are very helpful here because the floor of the hot springs is pretty rocky and slippery. I didn’t have any and still I really had a lot of fun!
  • There is a kind of egg smell in the Saturnia Hot Springs area. It is because of the natural minerals, one of which is sulphur.  If that is something that turns you off, the Saturnia Hot Springs may not be worth visiting for you.
  • There are showers to take a fast wash at the end of your trip. It costs one euro and due to the crowd, you may find yourself having to wait in line a bit before your turn.

Is Saturnia Hot Springs in Italy worth it?

Saturnia Hot Springs

Undoubtedly, the Saturnia Hot Springs is worth a visit. This place is unique, and if your travel plan to Italy includes Tuscany then it is worth adding it to your itinerary.

You will not regret taking a day trip driving through the Tuscan countryside and soaking in one of the most relaxing hot springs in Italy. 

Where to Stay in Saturnia?

Tuscany Itinerary

* Disclaimer: This awesome, free article contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase after clicking one of these links, I earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. No pressure to use these links, but I really appreciate it when you do!

No matter how much time you spend at Saturnia Hot Springs, you’ll want a nice place to stay to come back to after this trip because it’s a tiring experience. From country house B&B to luxury resorts where pampering & relaxing body & soul, there are plenty of incredible options for places to stay near the Saturnia Hot Springs in Italy. 

There are really so many beautiful ones, in fact, that you might have a hard time choosing the perfect one. 

Here are my recommendations of 8 incredible country houses (with pool) to stay near the Saturnia Hot Springs. 👇👇👇

Villa Il Turchetto

Relais Le Ginestre

Podere Arco

Agriturismo Fontenuova

Nice home in Saturnia with WiFi and 3 Bedrooms

Argilia Country House

Bio Agriturismo Poggio Aione

Poggio Mario

If these ideas are not enough, don’t fail to check for some more options on before reserving at random since hotels around the Saturnia area are so unique that if it is chosen well, it will enrich your trip to Saturnia.

Organized tours in Tuscany?

If you love to join organized tours, here are some great ideas of what to do during your stay in Tuscany. Especially if you have only a short time to stay, they’ll enable you to leave the planning and organizing to others and just enjoy the Region to the max*:

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    August 31, 2023 at 9:47 pm

    We would definitely want to visit the Saturnia Hot Springs when we get back to Tuscany. Sadly we are missing Tuscany on our coming trip to Italy. Warm healing waters are a great way to relax from busy travel days. Thanks for the tip that we can only get there by car.

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