16 April 2017

Borghetto sul Mincio

37067 Borghetto VR, Italia

My boyfriend driven me there one day, he didn't tell me the destination so I had to wait until the arrival to know where we were headed. It was a very short drive from Modena, 1.20h or something like that and even though I have never heard about that place before: Borghetto sul Mincio, a tiny village located on the shores of the Mincio River. It looked like a postcard to my eyes, very romantic and picturesque with plenty of photographic opportunities. It wasn't crowded at all but still I'm sure that better avoiding it (when possible) during the high season and mid seasons' week ends. Sadly we didn't read more before reaching here because it seemed also having an interesting history.  That rustic village was completely organized for tourists only so the cafes and restaurants were of course little bit expensive ( you pay the location) but it is worth paying the extra money, it made our experience complete. We had our meal at the La Cantina Restaurant, a cosy one with an average wine selection. The village is very small so once you have spent a couple of hours (a bit more if you like photography) going around the beautiful houses, water mills and the nearby hill castle, you can match a visit to Segurtà garden in Valeggio, which is a must specially during the tulips flowering season.
Borghetto sul Mincio could be also combined during the visit to Verona, Mantua or Garda. Don't miss the spectacular view from the ancient medieval bridge. One of the curiosity we learned about Borghetto is the "Nodo d'Amore" Feast in June: a historical and gastronomic celebration devoted to the local tortellini. Reservations to this traditional annual dinner on the bridge are not very easy but being a spectator could be enough for me. I highly recommend this place as Valentine's Day gift; it will for sure surprise your better half. We promised ourselves that we will return there one day, maybe in June for the Nodo d'Amore Feast.

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