25 December 2017

The Power of Reviews

Modena MO, Italia

Customers’ reviews are now more important than the quality of the product itself?

As an employee in a hotel and as a frequent traveller, this time I tried to see the trips by the side of the ones who manage hotels. On one side seminars and short courses organized by the hotel updates me day by day with plenty of things to follow in order to satisfy the customers of the new generation and on the other side, I have noticed how my mode on searching hotels have changed along the years thanks to the technology which has opened the door to enable us consumers to more easily discover, research, and to choose the exact one I really want. Now people share their opinions and experiences online and on doing this they help others, like me, to make the decision. Customers have an infinity amount of choices now and when it comes to hotels compared to those over 60, people under 45 seems more likely to trust reviews than recommendation from friends and family. In fact, correct me if I'm wrong, when we contact the hotel for a reservation, we know already everything about the place where we are up-to, probably more than what the hotel knows about itself and after having gathered all the needed information if we decide to get in touch with the hotel it is just to get a confirmation that what we already know is right. It means, in other words, that we are ready to book! If however the reservation fails means that the hotel hasn’t been able to give the last good deal to the client properly. This is why hotels must learn to handle the online reviews, they have a big role nowadays and most of the times they are more important than the quality of the product they offer.

Tracking the competitors’ prices is not enough anymore; hotels now need to face the reviews in order to improve their standing position in the market because most of the travellers don’t commit to a booking until they read reviews.  Customers’ rankings and reviews are becoming more and more important because they became a prime source of information as they take people to a specific route. Remember that no traveller today make a reservation without reading reviews and they have more and more necessary tools to access information on you, on your structure and on your competitor. Now, if all the reviews are good, then you have the work simplified but don’t think that you are in a perfect position. It is better having some critiques rather than not having it at all because seems that people entrust more when they find both positive and negative comments.  

“Fortunately” people are used to pick holes everywhere and they never accept deficiencies when they pay. This is a reason why they leave negative reviews and it is very important finding them out in order to optimize them. What the hotel must know is that critiques not only help to attract more qualified clientele but they represent the ideal opportunity to set remedy to some weak point and to receive a positive comment that mitigated the original negative one. By the way, don’t forget that these critiques could also help the hotels to identify areas on which there is to improve. The hotel must learn to answer them in a suitable way, if they do so, they could receive even more bookings and the customer who has already written the critique when seeing the positive approach can also come back to the hotel once again. For this reason it is very important to check the feedbacks to answer at the right moment. It could be certainly difficult to stay updated with the reviews but it is important being alarmed. Watching out for those important websites like TripAdvisor, booking.com and Facebook could be a good solution and cutting out some time to make a google search of your hotel to see the online results is absolutely necessary. Once taken this habit it will become all simplest and fast. 

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