Let’s visit the Olina Bridge

October 16, 2017Niry Fidelis

Ponte di Olina

ponte di olina pavullo

dedicated this weekend for Olina Bridge, that has nowadays became a topic of
conversation due to the hydroelectric power station which is going to be built
next to it. Olina is a tiny village, less than an hour drive from Bologna or
Modena. This small village hides one of the stunning Renaissance Bridges once
used to connect Emilia Romania with Tuscany.  Lost in the countryside,
this unknown bridge is a jewel which took us back into time; it has been built
in 1522, financed by the city of Modena, Florence and Lucca as it was once
necessary for both transporting goods and people. I thought it was for
pedestrians use only but I saw vehicles driving through it so probably it is
still strong enough to support weights. 

Ponte di Olina


There is a
small canopy built later in 1581, in the middle of the bridge with sacred
icons that seems to protect the ones who trespass the river. The fantastic
nature and environment around make it a great place to spend a Saturday or
Sunday evening, alone or with family. Close to the bridge there are some
walking pathways and a small fishing lake with a bar. I saw also a barbeque
area but didn’t understand if it is supposed for private uses. 


Ponte di Olina


You can
obtain the correct information by calling or writing to the following details:
+ 39 0536 29 964 and uit@comune.pavullo-nel-frignano.mo.it. Of course it a
great spot for photographers, if so, fall season is the one I advise.  Sooner
or later the hydroelectric power station is going to modify this environment so
take advantage  and visit the Olina Bridge as soon as you can: it is
surely a highlight of the area of Modena.



Ponte di Olina




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