13 May 2019

Rocca di Cerere Holiday Apartments in Enna, Sicily

94100 Enna EN, Italia

Once in a while, you should choose to stay at a Holiday Home.

Holiday Home in Enna, Sicily
Hall and Kitchen area

I was looking for ideas on where to stay on our second visit to Enna. Yes, this year we have planned to spend Good Friday there since it has an extraordinary historical and cultural value. It was Alessandro's mother who found us this vacation rentals in Enna located next to the Lombardia Castle: Rocca di Cerere.
LOCATION AND CONTACTS: Via Lombardia, 19, Enna.  info@roccadicerere.com cell: 0039- 331 12 06 767  www.roccadicerere.com

Holiday Home in Enna, Sicily
Balcony facing the Calascibetta town

Enna doesn't have countless hotels and the last time when we visited the city, we stayed in an amazing villa off the beaten path. But this time we wanted to stay in the historical centre of Enna because the Good Friday Processions were taking place there. The chance to spend some days at Rocca di Cesere Holiday Home was then really perfect.

Reception area

The Rocca di Cerere Holiday Home offers 5 modernly furnished apartments owned and managed by a middle-aged couple who had very little knowledge of English but yet, were perfectly able to handle the customers. They were very courteous and willing to understand and accommodate any of our special requests, whether related to food or arrangements.


This was our first experience with a keyless check-in. I have heard a lot about how many of the hotels around the world are now replacing the existing electronic plastic keycard with a keyless entry code, but never have tried it before. Upon arrival, we were given a code which gave access to the main entrance and to our apartment. At first it seemed strange leaving the apartment without the keys but later it became super comfortable, moreover, it gave bank-level security to our room. The owner, Pietro, said that in the future he will be adopting self check-ins and check-outs which require customers to download an app and “activate” their digital key on their day of arrival.
1. If you are already planning your vacation to Sicily, you already have read everywhere that the parking is really an obstacle on the Island. Luckily, B&B Rocca di Cerere has a very big free parking lot nearby and this was absolutely great. 
2. There was a huge supermarket one step away from the hotel which was handy. 
3. Rocca di Cerere Apartments are just next to the Lombardia Castle.
4. Just opposite to the entrance there is a Restaurant/Pizzeria (Il Mito) which makes fresh homemade pasta every day!

Not only is the Holiday Home situated at the best possible location at the destination, but the apartments were also fully equipped and some of them had fantastic views. One of these apartments at Rocca di Cerere, not the one where we slept, had an in-room hot tub as well. The Holiday Home itself had a small interesting history since it used to be the owner's own house.

Where to sleep in Enna, Sicily
Balcony with the Lombadia Castle background

With all the hotels around in Enna, Rocca di Cerere is a bit more expensive choice than low-budget travellers and backpackers might want to pay. But believe me, on the other hand, its fantastic location and some great facilities, however, made it really attractive; so that we stayed 5 days there. If you are planning to stay in Enna, you should absolutely consider this place. You will be glad you did! Click here to get €15.00 discount for your reservation at Rocca Di Cerere Apartments.

Where to sleep in Enna, Sicily

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  1. That's a really good idea. Never thought of that before. It's nice to know it has amenities around it too!

  2. Great review. I love to say in homes or apartments when traveling with the family. It's so convenient and you can save money. Having a kitchen on-site allows us to make family meals and not have to eat out. Beautiful looking place! Thanks for sharing.

  3. I usually stay in hotels when I travel so I can get points for my stays, but I've been looking into ideas for longer term stays since a hotel would be way out of my price range. I love this idea and it looks like you found a great place.


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