Driving from Ndangane to Karang

January 13, 2020Niry Fidelis
Road trip in Senegal

The owner of the hotel we were staying in Ndangane, Elhadji, also had a taxi service. Since we had taken a plan to visit Gambia, we asked him to drive us up to Karang, a bordering town.

He charged us 40.000 cfa (€ 60.00). The road to Karang was really very good but the route involved a river crossing in Foundiougne in the Fatick Region of Senegal that took us a lot of time. Thankfully, it had a pretty relaxed ferry terminal but you should keep in mind that it doesn’t operate with fixed schedules and the last crossing was at 6:30 PM.


Foundiougne ferry terminal didn’t seem to be frequented by tourists. So it is better if you don’t risk the last ride. There were private boats giving this service for around 3000 CFA (€ 4.50) but I don’t know to what extent their services are granted.

The ferry ticket was 100 CFA (€ 0.15) per person and 1000 CFA (€ 1.50) for cars. We were asked to pay this extra amount on top of what we had already agreed upon with our driver.

Driving from Ndangane to Karang

There was only one small ferry running from Foundiougne to Dakhonga and it couldn’t hold more than 10 cars so we had to wait about three hours before our turn came.

We killed the time easily visiting the small market and the fishing area close to the ferry terminal. I took some good photos during those hours of waiting. So it wasn’t all that annoying.

The ferry ride took about 20 minutes and once it was done, our journey was quiet again until the moment we reached Karang. The policemen stopped our car and they said something to Elhadji in Woolof. They didn’t talk to us. Elhadji said they were asking for money because he was transporting tourists. To be honest we really didn’t understand the real reason but we had to give 5000 CFA (€ 7.70).

This was a very expensive trip for us!!! More or less around € 70.00. We should probably have travelled by the public transport, we would have definitely saved a lot of money. However on second thought I’d say that was the way to do it because it was the best way to enjoy the beautiful panoramic views of the Fatick Region.

The driver then dropped us at the Gambian border and the journey took us about six hours.

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