Top 16 things to know before you travel to Jordan

January 20, 2020Niry Fidelis
When to travel Jordan

Ultimate 2020 Travel Guide To Jordan

Jordan offers endless adventures and opportunities for any kind of traveler. Beside being one of the most instagrammable places in this world, it’s a welcoming and peaceful destination that must be on everyone’s bucket list. Without any second thought you can book your trip to Jordan; beside culture and nature, you will be surprised to see their warm hospitality and generosity. They are very serious about putting you at ease. Hospitality reigns supreme .

All the people we met along our journey left us a positive memory to carry back home. Moreover, Jordan is super safe, even for solo travelers

So that said, we have nothing to criticise about our trip to Jordan. What I’m listing here below are just a number of recommendations which could help you make one decision rather than another. In our opinion, we have nothing to complain about this wonderful country. Let me then start my ultimate 2020 travel guide to Jordan where I’ll take you through the 16 things to know before you travel to Jordan.

1) Don’t hesitate to buy the Jordan Pass if you have a plan to visit Petra. The Jordan Pass costs 70 JD and since it also includes the visa fee I highly recommend you buy it before your departure. You will save a lot of money with that.

2) A visa is issued upon arrival at the airport in Jordan and it costs 50 JD, which is around € 60.00 without the Jordan Pass. If you have bought the Jordan Pass online ahead of time, you don’t need to pay this extra amount since it is included. A visa at the Queen Alia international airport can also be paid for by credit card.

Wadi Rum Desert
Fun in Wadi Rum Desert

3) Know that the entrance ticket to Petra is 50 JD (€ 70.00) and it is thankfully included in the Jordan Pass.

4) Don’t exchange at any of the airport money exchange centres in Jordan. The rates are really very low. What I recommend is if you haven’t already purchased your Jordan Pass, pay for your visa with a credit card.

Hiking to the Jebel Burdah Rock Bridge in Wadi Rum.
Hiking to the Jebel Burdah Rock Bridge in Wadi Rum.

5) When you exit the airport, there are so many shops in the lobby where people are waiting. Get a coffee at any of the shops there and pay with the currency of your country. Give them the biggest note you have and they will give you back the rest in Jordan Dinars with a good exchange rate. This is the best way to change your money in the airport.

6) Controls at the airport are very deep so it takes a long time. You’d better get to the airport at least two hours before the departure. If you arrive late, there is a fast passport control track which is available for 5JD

Visiting Petra
Impressive Petra

7) Arena Rent a car is the most cost effective car rental in Jordan. They are fast and give good service. They speak good English as well. Our experience with them was more than perfect.

8) When ordering food at the restaurants, remember that the portions are very large so take your time to decide or you will end up with too much food and consequently pay a huge amount of money. Dishes often come complete with meat and veggies.

9) Restaurants have a menu displayed out at the entrance but often they don’t have the items written on it available so make sure before entering that they really have what you are planning to order

10) Speed bumps are everywhere all throughout the country and they are not easy to see even if there are signs indicating that they’re there.

Arena car rental

11) Police check points and police controls are common in Jordan. It is easy to be stopped but they will let you go when they see you are a tourist.

12) It is common to see stray dogs crossing the streets, especially on the Kings way or generally when off the highway. Pay attention.

Snow in Kings way. Jordan

13) If you rent a car in Jordan remember that it is quite hard to find a western radio station so if you want listen to western music take an usb key or cds with you.

14) When making appointments with a local, remember that punctuality is never respected.

Things to do in Petra

15) Even if there are is no dress code required for Jordan remember that It is a Muslim country. Come-on guys, be polite! Do you really need to show your shoulders and thighs where people use to keep themselves coved from head to toes? Before you go check on internet what to wear in Jordan.

16) Environmental education is very poor in this country. Sadly, it is easy to see plastics and rubbish by the road sides.

Kings Road Jordan
Kings Road Jordan

I hope that these tips help you to enjoy your trip to Jordan! I repeat, in our opinion we have nothing to complain about this wonderful country.

If you ask me what is the best in Jordan I’ll tell you the people. Yes, they are kind and helpful. And, whenever we had the possibility to get in touch with the locals, we had a feel like they want to leave something positive about them in our heart.

If you ask me what I hate about Jordan, I will tell you the speed bumps. Gosh, they really break your speed.

Obviously, we will return to Jordan. Without doubt there will certainly be other occasions.

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