Barbershops and shave shops are back on stage

June 22, 2020Niry Fidelis
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Looking for a Barbershop in Modena? Do you need basic haircuts, haircuts with a shave during your travel days in Modena?

I have a great suggestion for you: La Barberia of Pavullo.

Are you in Modena or somewhere close to Modena? Do you need basic haircuts, haircuts with a shave, or any other hair services during your travel days in Modena?

Day by day, tourism is increasing in this area since there are so many things to do in Modena which satisfy both the crowded typical tourist area lovers and the off-the-beaten-path lovers. Tourists have started to book accommodations more and more in Modena. In case you have hotel reservations close by and you need a haircut, why not make it an experience?!! Ok, then La Barberia of Pavullo is the right place for you! Donโ€™t go anywhere else, choose a place where the barbers are defining and enhancing the traditional notions of what it is to be a man. Let your hair or beard being cut become a special memory to take back home.

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A friend of Alessandro, Alberto, wanted to try La Barberia of Pavullo for his haircut and beard cut since he had heard a lot about it. So last Saturday, Alessandro and I went with him. Alberto had a reservation for that day, and meanwhile, Alessandro was hoping to get his hair cut if the barbers had managed to include him on their list.

I was with them simply to satisfy my curiosity.

La Barberia of Pavullo is a barber salon owned by the brothers Corrado and Fausto. It is located in a hill town called Pavullo ne Frignano, about 45 minutes away from Modena and one and a half hours from Bologna. Guys are primarily engaged in cutting, trimming, and styling hair and beards for men and boys. But they do also offer hair services for women at similar prices to other barbers in the city.

Nowadays the beard is back in fashion, and that is why the so-called barbers have come back to the scene. Probably, our grandfathers wouldnโ€™t recognize the barbershop reborn since they have a new style and most have their own decor in every corner of their shop. This is exactly what makes La Barberia of Pavullo different from the others: the particular decor of the salon with plenty of spare parts, old steering wheels, and some vintage motorcycles located here and there.

Ben Caplen’s music was playing in the background which was very well suited to the dรฉcor of the barbershop. The salon moreover conveys the idea of a place where you meet to discuss, laugh, and listen to music as well as be shaved or have your hair cut.

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Haircut in Modena

Alberto was satisfied with the service he received and he said he will be returning at least 4 times a year even if it is a bit far from his home. Alessandro got his hair cut done and he said that he could feel the young styling in the cut. As for me, I can say that I enjoyed being with them and I wish my best to the barbers. They deserve it. It is only fair that when having innovative ideas you get credit for it. Iโ€™m sure they will soon be attracting customers from many miles away. I highly recommend that you try this barbershop in Modena.

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